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I recently got into a converstion with another ex pat living overseas and we started talking about our pensions. I left the service as a SNCO and the other guy left as a JNCO, he informed me that his pension was a few pounds more than mine becuase his pension was paid into his bank in the UK and mine is paid into my overseas bank account, and he only pays about Pounds 15,00 in tax where I pay 25% of my pension. I also have to pay tax for my pension for the country that I am living in. If I elect to change my pension to be paid into my UK account will I also only have to pay Pounds 15,00 tax. I will obviously speak direct to the Pension people but I thought I'd ask here as they are not open at the moment. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I am ex pat(Abu Dhabi). In UK am NT for my earnings but have to pay tax on my Army pension.

I phoned Ty Glas (Tax Office for service pensioners) and they gave me sound advice. I am now NT for all earnings, all of my personal tax allowance is held against my army pension as my prime source of income in UK and my pension take home increased by some huge amount as a result of paying less tax on it.

I would phone Ty Glas and ask their advice

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