Pension on reaching age 55

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by mickmick, Apr 18, 2007.

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    In the above link.

    Pensions - Soldiers and Other Ranks . . . . . . . . . . Annex C

    Standard Rate of Service Pension

    The form shows an OR6 with 22 years service as having a pension of £9683 per year.

    I take it an "OR6" is a Sgt.

    I commutated my pension when I left the Army, is the above amount what I should now be receiving as my pension at age 55+.

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  3. Just a quick question, what is the rate of a 9 yr pte who was made redundant in 1994,(non voluntary) as I was told I would be getting a pension at 55.
  4. The full pension is 35 years, so you will get 9/35ths, but I think you might not qualify until you are 60
    Phone........0800 085 3600

  5. Pretty sure you wont get your pension until 60 and then you will have to remember to ask for it, I'm in a similar positon 9 year Cpl redundant 94 (voluntary) and just happend to read my pension paperwork last night, you should have something with your release docs probably with the paper work that outlines your redundancy payment.
  6. Mick Mick

    Don't know where you get your info!! - the full career pension is 37 years, preserved pensions under the 75 scheme for soldiers are 2.75% of a 37 year pension for each year of service payable at age 60 - so 9 X 2.75 = 24.75%. the 37 year pension that would be used for SS would be what was in issue on his discharge date enhanced by the RPI since then. Best bet is to call 0800 085 3600 (that much was correct!!) quoting your army No and your Nat Ins No, they should respond within 10 working days - make sure you get a reference No.