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pension/old git

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by blackpep, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. i,m due a pension at the old age of is there a way of geting it before,all comment taken no arrsing about :idea: :? 8O :?
  2. Err, What pension?
    Why are you entitled at 55?
    PS: From your post is this an order or should we drop everything as a favour........
    just being nosey,thats wot the pay office told me when i left,forget to say i was made redundent back in 1992,ish i get a paymaster letter when thay remember to send it but it says nothing on pensions.i allso thought i would get a pay rise on the pension i get know,Its been the same for 13 years,or is that me on a dream mission.

    BTW your photo looks as through you need a good feed & a long slow vodka an coke,???
  4. Blackpep - are you saying you have been getting a pension since you left 13 years ago?? - If so you should be due a reasonable increase at age 55 - best thing to do would be to call the "Paymaster" in Crawley and ask them for advice - 01293 560999.

    If you are not getting any pension at all yet you may be talking about a preserved pension which will kick in at age 60!!

    i'll give them a shout,but like every thing else in the foces slow clogs turning.


    (at 60 i was hoping to hang me boots up at 50) :)

    Does anybody now the phone number for the

  7. BP - I gave you the "Paymaster's" no in my last post - have you tried them?? Glasgow have nothing to do with the payment of pensions once in issue - ring Crawley - 01293 560999 - they are very helpful!
  8. pay-wog
    i phoned crawley,who put me in contact with Glasgow (no sarcasm meant)
    Ive got to phone back after 27 December for an here's hoping i get some form of answer!!!


    PS, dont end up looking like hairy handbags photo he/she could do with a good feed.

  9. Hi guys
    done NO pension at 55,NO pay rise on monthly pension [static pension]
    but at 55 i get a pay rise on pension????
    they don't no by wot percentage,just take me boot out of the shed and go back to work [ballacks],,