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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by poes, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. This topic has probably been on before but i cant find it.........

    last day in the army is today :D , and im a civi as of midnight. having done the whole lot, i am entitled to an immediate pension and lump sum. does any one know how long the lump sum takes to reach the bank ?
  2. From experience, my lump sum was in my bank in about 8 days although it can take up to a month. Balance of pay was in the bank within 96 hours.

    Enjoy the rest of your life!
  3. Depends how good your admin staff are, mine took 3 months and was paid in 2 installments.

    Make sure you have the direct line to the Chief Clerk before you book out
  4. How does it feel ?

    Enjoy yourself and good luck on the outsied :wink:
  5. Can I ask what you are planning to do with your lump sum?

    My advice would be to invest it on Denman at 6/1 to win the Cheltenhan Gold Cup, or you could choose the sensible option and make it an eachway bet.

    Just a thought, but congrats anyway.
  6. Chuffed for you..
  7. My wish from the moment I'd decided to go the whole hog was that when I came out, I'd grow my hair long. Unfortunately, my hair didn't play ball and I ended up with a head on upside down!
  8. my lum sum was in 10 days after my last day (which was the 14th) my 14 days pay arrived at the end of the month and my pension kicked in on the 5th of the next month.
  9. thanks for all the info, and its great to be oot. handed in ID card today and clocked 67MPH from BHQ to front gate .......even with the weight of my long hairy buggering handles !!!!
  10. congratulations to you, my turn in a few weeks, hurrah.
  11. On your first morning as a civvie, its like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders, great feeling.
  12. You didn't run there naked :D

    I have two stories about a soldiers last day in.

    One was in Osnabruck in mid 94 (14 Sigs) where one of the lads was forced to a BFT on his last day. He usually was a bit of racing snake.

    He ran round in a comfortable pace, when he got to within 1m of the finish line he stopped, sat down and had a smoke.....

    And I know he did this, I ran past him.

    The other was around around 95 in Bramcote, a Sgt handing his ID card in parked his artic right outside RHQ (it had a little layby outside). The RSM went bonkers, running up to the now discharged Sgt yelling and shoulting "Sgt X, move this truck RIGHT NOW". (The RSM and the Sgt didn't get on anyway) to which the reply was "That should be MR X, pleaase can you move your truck, sir please".

    He jumped in the cab and off he went.

    Didn't witness all of this, but there WAS a truck parked up on the day in question, at roughly the right time right outside RHQ.
  13. Retired on last day of June Pension in account 18 Jul. Lump Sum in 12 Jul. Try to duck the kick up the ARRSE on the way out.
  14. I got to Bramcote in 96, just missed that, would've been funny to watch.
  15. My lump sum appeared pretty sharpish too, however because I had an allotment on my wages to my German bank, they took that amount and sent it German bank. !?!?!?!?!?!?!? 'Kin knobheads!

    In Lippstadt (22 Sigs) 1982, a guy on his last day hired a chauffered roller, came into camp, parked in the Adjt's spot and finished his clearance chit. Cool as..... Bob D****.