Pension form.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by charliecharlieone, May 15, 2009.

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  1. You wait 22 years for your pension, you make all these plans of what your going to do with it, you finally get the form to fill in and......................your mind goes blank........ :? :?
  2. My form has just gone in, so I know what to do. I'll look after your pension and gratuity if you want. And I'll send you regular reports from the office in Barbados.


  3. Be comforted. I found them very efficient, very helpful when I phoned them and they haven't cocked up yet. You couldn't say that about the average unit pay office or JPA.

  4. Be warned that if you want to commute, you'll need to submit the paperwork before you get out, otherwise you'll be stung for tax.
  5. A quick word of advice - Even though you will get the receipt slip back when you send the form in it is advisable to give them a ring just before you go on terminal leave just to make sure all is OK as forms have been known to go missing!!!

  6. Paywog, Good advice. I did exactly that and my form had gone missing - easy to rectify though! having said that, I left in Feb 09 after 32 years expecting a complete and utter c*ck up. Could not have been further from the truth. They have been brilliant. Lump sum appeared in about 10 days with pension in bank on the 13th of the month :D . Well done JPAC