Pension entitlement before 1975

No, it's not for me. I'm not that old! Got the Father in Law around. He did 9 years in the army between 1966 and 1974. He's now 68 years old. He isn't claiming an army pension and doesn't know if he's entitled to anything. I haven't a clue either. I've looked through the net but can't find anything. Anyone know if he's entitled to some wonga? It'll shut the old **** up. Cheers.
I think the short answer is nothing.
I fall under that left before 74 cut -off.
I seved 65 to 74...hope someone proves me wrong.

so old I even joined before Tropper..fact

Rules (and link - pre-75 factsheet) below.

Ministry of Defence | About Defence | Corporate Publications | Personnel Publications | Armed Forces Pensions Compensation and Veterans | AFPS 75

Prior to 1975 there were no rights to preserved pensions in any public or private pension schemes. Most schemes had very restricted qualifying criteria for the award of pensions. For instance, to qualify for a pension under the Civil Service arrangements, an individual had to be over age 50 and have served for ten or more years. Those who left voluntarily before meeting these criteria lost rights to pensions. For the Armed Forces occupational pensions were awarded only if a member had completed at least 16 years reckonable service as an officer or 22 years reckonable service as an other rank. Reckonable service is paid service after age 21 for officers or after age 18 for other ranks.
Engagements for shorter periods were on non-pensionable terms.
I checked this out for a mate who did 64 to 74 and was told no deal so looks like no chance. Sorry
Not sure, but..... I joined in 68, originally for 6 years. I very quickly signed up for 9 years when I realised it was something like an extra 3 quid a week. At the time, it was explained to me that I would be entitled, at age 55, to a pension of 9/22 of a 22 year pension, if I did the full 9 years. Ultimately I did 22 and got the lot, but I digress. Get onto the Vets agency: Am i Eligible To Claim or:; Pensions - British Army Website etc
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Asked the same question last year and got told NO!! '64 - '74 does not qualify.

Applicable cutoff date was 06 April 1975 but "Pension Credits will have been contracted back to SERPS to be included in State Pension Entitlement."

Send me a PM if you want a copy of the email from SPVA.

PS Twos up on the goat ...
These people have been trying for years to get pre 1975 service recognised (with no luck)
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