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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by milkybar, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Sorry Ladies and Gents

    I am after the link to the pension calculator. I have already tried the Army web site with no luck and done a search on here.


  2. cheers Chris thats the one.
  3. Cheers Chris... exactly what I needed right now... isnt it great that all these things are there ...
  4. Anyone else having a problem pulling down the 'Service' pulldown?

    I've tried it in Netscape, IE and Firefox with and without firewall.
  5. it's fucked. technically speaking.

    guess the hidden meaning is: "you get fuck all" :)
  6. Sounds about right..... :D
  7. Hey ask me for a calculation - depending on your rank obviously I am now an expert in the field so if you want to know your pay out... I am the woman to ask...
  8. Or try here ... :numberone:

    How the fukc does this shite work Fukcin Bill Gates TWATT.

  9. Still no worky for me, old_bloke. Cheers anyway.

    I may have to actually converse with the shiny arsed rubber desk Jonnies now the old fashioned way.
  10. Go to here , the ARRSE link did not work ( blame Bill Gates - he can afford it)

    Scabster_Mooch's post's 5 down does work.

    Flash must be on the band 112 , high by now even if its his ego.

    "life is a low , fast, chopper" or so I was told .
  11. Thanks again mate. Still no joy.

    The page wasn't wide enough to fit all the noughts on at the end. ;)
  12. Flash , I know you are older than me and I get out in 10 days after 25 + years . Why the care about the pension. You get what you did. (full stop).
  13. Just curiosity really. Never bothered to look before.
  14. I have put together a basic spreadsheet that you can use to track your pension increases. It'll give you a rough idea of what to expect on the magical day that 15 years worth of increments get added. PM me if interested.