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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Mark713, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    A close friend of mine called Brian has sadly passed away, he was only 47 and suffered a heart attack.
    I write this because I need a little help, he leaves behind a wife and daughter, I vow to help do everything I can to ease the burden and help them through this, Brian received a "War Disablement Pension" and I was wondering would this pass on to his widow?
    Brian was the sole income for money in his household, he received his pension and worked a low paid job so it was topped up with "allowance for Lowered Standard of Occupation"
    Brian's widow is not a british citizen but does have a permanent visa to stay in the uk, a part of the decision to allow her to stay was she is not entitled to any benefits or money contributions from the DWP or the Tax Payer.
    She has a baby daughter and a part time job, however this is nowhere near enough for them to survive and now Brian has left us she is restricted in the hours she can work if any at all, therefore I ask:
    Do you know if this benefit can be passed on to his widow?
    Do you know of any help she can receive to survive?
    Is there anything else we can do?
    Has anyone gone through this and what did you do?

    I thank you for all your help.
  2. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

  3. Thank you

    That is a huge help, according to that she may be able to continue the benefit for 26 weeks which is better than nothing, I will contact the SPVA in the morning and explain the situation.
    Thank you once again.
  4. If she has a child then she will be receiving 'Family Allowance' , or whatever it's now called. If she has a part time job she will have a National Insurance number and be paying into the system. Therefore she's entitled to benefit.
    If she's not entitled to benefits but has a 'permanent visa' then I don't think she has permission to work. She needs to be careful, as she could find herself in deep trouble.If she's in the UK and was sponsored by her deceased husband, she could also be liable for that visa to be retracted.
  5. If he had done 22 and service pension in pay she will get that for 90 days then half pension

    if he had 80% war pension and unsupp she gets WP any less she has to show death part of reason

    she should also contact legion
  6. I believe if the marriage is legal, then she gets the WP. If there is any doubt about her status, the child will receive the WP until he/she leaves full time education. Call SPVA and ask. It's the best start point for info.