Pension appeal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by washedup, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. I have just returned from my pension appeal and was granted an increase from 30% to 60%. The bloke before me got 20% to 50%. The panel of three were fantastic as was my Legion rep. To anyone thinking about appealing I would say do it as the process was painless and beneficial
  2. I thought it would have been done depending on your reason for appeal, I attempted an appeal ( i was initially granted 20%) but felt somewhat threatened by the appeal board telling me that my percentage might be reduced should the appeal board feel that a reduction was necessary. I decided that 20% wasn't worth risking and withdrew my appeal.
  3. I was told as well that it could be reduced but what you have to remember is that when the Secretary of State awards your percentage it is from a bureaucratic stance, The review panel consists of a QC and a doctor plus one other, Yourself, Legion Rep and VA agent sit at the other side of the table. You have your opportunity to put your views forward and this is where you can swing the vote. You need to be able to tell them everything about how your condition affects you. It's your life you need to fight for it.
  4. No point in you appearing with 'Chris Millionare Tarrent' then...Get to £1000, used all your lifelines...ermmm...I'll take the money... :( :(
  5. Might be worth mentioning this in the Charities and Welfare forum. It'll encourage those looking for helpo n this matter.
  6. It is unlikly that you will loose any money even if you loose the appeal, if you dont try you dont get