Pension and the JPA

Who has had previous service and tried to find out when your run out date really is (not what is on JPA)
After a 44 day IRequest and about 10 phone calls later that got me no where apart from sorry you are wrong and JPA is correct. I decided to play dirty!
I called them again and said that the answer that they had given me was complete bo%$s! I requested a complaint IRequest be sent to the pensions department! This must have got on their T%^s as they wrote if i was to call i was to be put through without delay.
From day one this was all that i had asked, to be told we do not have any phone number to contact the Dept you require??????
I have now decided that all SPS will go to heaven!!!! It dosnt matter about all their Regt Entries they may have had in their lives. To put up with these morons who dont know their ARRSE from their elbows must take the patients of saints!
I sorted out my pension problem and now have an end date of about 5 years difference from the one on JPA! :D :D :D :D

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