Pension and Lung Cancer

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Talent, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. This is part of an email from an insurance info site I subscribe to.

    The woman's husband, who was a retired army serviceman had spent his whole life serving his country and had a generous retirement pension.
    But, because he was diagnosed with lung cancer, she was not entitled to his pension when he died.
    She later found out that had he been diagnosed with throat cancer, she would have been entitled to his entire

    Can anyone shed any light on the circumstances?
  2. Smoker by any chance? If so he was a self-harming mong and shouldn't get a penny.
  3. Sounds bollocks.
  4. How did he spend his whole life serving? You can't join the forces until at least 16 years of age.

    I was under the impression that the widow was entitled to half the pension should her other half bail out.
  5. He was a smoker but smokers also get throat cancer. The Docs did say that it was proably throat cancer that went to the lungs but because no-one knew the implications no autopsy was done to prove this and the evidence was cremated.
  6. There would have been a post mortem

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  7. Let's just forfeit everyone's pension unless they can prove without a shadow of a doubt that they do everything they possibly can to live to a ripe old age.

    He's earn't his pension and paid his NI contributions.
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  8. Find it very difficult to believe, in fact I think its nonsence
  9. That would mean only politicians would ever get a pension.
  10. Are we getting mixed up between pensions and life insurance policies? It seems a bit odd that the original enquiry about a 'pension' was on an 'insurance' website.

    I do not believe that a 'cause of death' would have any effect on the full the payment of a widow's pension. However, a life insurance policy could well have such a clause, particularly if the premiums paid included a discount as a 'non-smoker'.
  11. I've lived to a ripe old age and I've smoked since I was 13, I'll be dead soon, so the tenner I owe you is in the post :)
  12. Yes, but it was the lung cancer that killed him and that's what went in the 'cause of death' tick-box. When the Army Pensions people became involved it was too late to go back and discover the primary cause 'cos he'd been smoked.

    I understand where this is being called nonsense etc, I'm also sceptic. However, if and/or when it turns out to be true it needs to be made widespread knowledge to all pensioners and their kin that the cause of death, as noted in the tick-box, can have costly implications. Don't destroy the evidence!

    I was hoping for some input from someone that knows the score.... keep the sarcasm and snide and puns coming, that's AARSE because in amongst it there is some very knowledgable information.
  13. Reckon he'd have had a post mortem to get a cause of death.

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  14. oldbaldy

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    I agree with Dingerr.
    Cause of death has no impact on whether she would receive a pension plus it wouldn't be his 'entire' pension it would be a half or a third of his pension.
    Is she talking about a War Pension?
  15. No mix up. it was his army pension.

    The insurance info site is not trying to sell insurance but to inform on what is available and what you can insure for and why. If I knew that under certain circumstances her indoors wouldn't get half my pension, I would make other provision and I think a lot of other pensioners would also. We need to know from the hearses mouth, as t'wer.