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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Travelgall, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Rumour I heard yesterday that the TA will be getting an Armed Forces pension - obviously pro-rata to Regs. Guessing it won't be backdated for time served which will suck if you're a Bos era WO2 but I would be interested to see if this will be replacing the Bounty for the TA (which will do bad things for recruitment) or as well as (which will do wonders for recruitment). Apparently this is mentioned somewhere on the Secure Terminal which I don't have access to for the next week. True?
  2. Unlikely.
  3. We can't pay the pensions we've already agreed to, let alone new ones for a stack of new reservists.

    Smells like...........bullshit.
  4. Us STABs are cheap. Start to make us expensive by adding a decent pension and we lose our appeal.

    Ditching bounty would be a major own goal. It is the major motivator for most of us to keep turning up and passing MATTs. If I had a pound for every bone duty/ activity I have endured for bounty over the years I would be a rich man.
  5. If it could just be back-dated to 1975, that'd do me.
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  6. Sorry, but if you don't know what the system is called then I don't have much hope for your rumour sources.
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    Pension on a part time job wouldn't amount to much though would it ?
  8. 6 years at 80 days per year = 480 days.

    31 years at 30 days per year = 930 days.

    Thats 1410 days.

    Compare with a Regular doing about 200 days per year for 22 years, 4400 days.

    I'd be quite happy with a third of a full Regular pension. It is Final Salary, isn't it?
  9. H3

    H3 LE

    Sorry don't you mean 365 days For 22 years ie 8030 days pensionable ... Where does the 200 come from ?

    1410 days in a 31 year TA career would only equate to 4 years full time employment (equivalent )which then wouldn't be much at all but it shouldnt be dismissed either !
  10. For the TA figure, I've only included actual days worked, so I've deducted weekends and leave from the Regular figure. Even then, it's optimistic.
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  11. And on about a quarter of the TA days, you can put me down for double time...
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  12. H3

    H3 LE

    I see ..... You'll be out by the time it's enforced sods law !!
  13. We all will...
  14. Some Gurkhas recently got rights back dated.
  15. Wouldn't surprise me if that was actioned as a result of a note initialled ER. Now, had she signed it "Lots of love, Esther", it wouldn't have happened.