Pension and benefits



Looking for some advice if possible? So I was injured in the army and left with mobility issues and severe pain. I am in receipt of WP 60 % employability supplement,ESA & DLA. I had been using crutches to walk but I have been advised to strengthen my legs and back or I will end up in a wheelchair before I am 50. I also had to cut back all my medication as the dose I was on was palliative care (and would have out me in organ failure) I have a young family and I have had to work really hard and through the pain to help strengthen my back and legs so I can walk unaided with a knee brace. I saw a specialist at hospital last week and they documented I no longer use my crutches and reduced my pain medication, this has been sent to my GP. My concern is I will now been deemed as fit to work or lose my benefits. I have tried so hard to get back where I am now but I am in so much pain. I started a part-time job 10 hours a week from home last week but I am worrying thinking it's too much even at this rate. I am in so much pain I am now worried I am going to lose my benefits and be forces back to full time work which I know I cannot do.

Is this possible? Can I do anything? The report from the Dr said they will be conducting further investigations which is great. But I have been told by other Drs that I will never be the same as someone my age and will be affected for the rest of my life. I am.consern

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