Pension and Acting Rank Again

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by tweckyspat, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. I know this has been on the forum before but I had a strange answer from SPVA (Pensions) to what I thought was a straightforward Q :

    I remain on AFPS 75

    I had 6 months acting rank from Nov 06 before being made substantive. My understanding was that I need only serve 2 years ie to Nov 08 to get full pension in this rank if I PVR'd

    when I wrote to get a pension forecast from SPVA I got the answer that in order to get full pension in rank I need " 2 years in sub rank, 3 years acting or a combination of the two"

    Question remains whether I need to serve 2 years from Nov 06 or Jun 07 (sub rank date) to gain full pension entitlement in my current rank...?

    Can anyone answer this definitively or point me to the relevant part of the pensions warrant ? I'd be very grateful.
  2. Mike_2817 Thank you for that - I am commissioned Reg C (ie DE not LE)

    I was aware that ORs and Officers pension rights differ - however - it is difficult (for me) to work out how much "uplift" in pension - if any - there is for an officer who serves a period of acting rank before being promoted substantively.

    Hence my query about the form of words from SPVA "2 years sub rank or 3 years acting or a combination of both" - as at today I have 6 months acting rank and 9 months substantive ... if I PVRd tomorow and served another 9 months I would have 24 months paid rank but only 18 months sub - How would I calculate my pension code ?
  3. Are things really that bad that you couldn't do the extra 6 months in sub rank to cover your arse?
  4. tweckyspat,

    from memory - no access to regs:

    Uplifts are pro-rata, i.e. if you have less than 2 years sub your pension is lifted by a proportion of the difference between lower and higher rank, that proportion being calculated by the number of days in sub rank.

    So, in your case I would imagine you work it out like this:

    A: Pension you would receive for total service if you were discharged at your previous Lower Rank

    B: Pension you would have received for total service if you had completed 2 years substansive in Higher Rank

    C = A-B (difference in pensions above)

    X = actual number of days completed in acting rank / (365*3)
    Y = actual number of days completed in sub rank / (365*2)

    Uplift = C*(X+Y)

    Pension = A + uplift.

    (you can see from X and Y above that 6 months acting is roughly the equivalent of 4 months sub)

    CAVEAT: I do not recall if acting rank is paid pro-rata, and only infer it from from wording you quoted. Go see your RAO.

  5. Pay_Mistri - Thank You - not in a unit at present with good opsec or RAO hence my question to the forum !

    (and dingerr - no, things are not so bad but I want to go and do something else and it's a good time so to do)

    At last I have an answer that makes sense of the SPVA response - I couldn't for the life of me see how to pro-rata the uplift. It would have been so much simpler for SPVA to explain it that way first time round !

    So - in the hypothetical situation I painted of 6 months acting and 18 months sub I would actually receive approx 180/365*3 ie approx 0.16 or 16% of uplift for the acting period and 540/365*2 ie approx 0.74 for the 18 months substantive. This is 90% of uplift overall.

    I assume that the pro-rata uplift is capped at 100% - if not then anyone serving more than 21 months sub after 6 months acting would receive more than someone with 2 years sub at PVR. (each additional month of sub rank adds 4% uplift approx which makes sense - but not if you add in the period of acting rank !)

    Edited: I now understand AFPS 75 does not depend on pay increment only on years of reckonable service

    Thanks again
  6. In light of the fact that you get whatever pension until your children pull the plug on your brain dead body, covering your ass for 6 months isn't such a bad idea, particularly if that extra 6 months takes you over the next pay rise.
  7. Tweckspat,

    Yes - that looks right. Obviously capped at 100%

    Correct - you will need to check the pension rates based upon your rank and years of service, available here:

    You are welcome.