Pension amount going down with service?

Hi all,

I can't find this anywhere else, does anyone have an answer or is it the Pension Calculator playing up?

I've been offered a last minute extension on my service (2 years by taking VEng (Full)).

I've run the Pension calculator covering a number of differing timeframes, including leaving at my 22 or signing off for 23 or running for the full 24.

I've noticed that the Commutable lump sum (ie the additional lump sum created by reducing your annual pension until you're 55) actually goes down as your service goes beyond 22 by about £3k over the two years. Admittedly the combined lumpsum goes up regardless.

Likewise the Reduced IP payable for such commutation goes up, but then actually goes down. Basically getting out before my actual 23 or 24 year point will leave me better off. Getting out 1 month earlier than my 24 would apparently gain me an extra £60 a year!

Is this a glitch with the calculator or an actual forecast?

Is there a reason why this should occur?

Any assistance appreciated, and I realise it wont be pukka pension advice.
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If you stay in service longer the amount you can commute will always go down because, the longer you serve, the nearer you get to a full career. Below is a link to June's edition of Pathfinder magazine in which we have written an article on AFPS 75 Commutation. If you are an FPS member, contact David or Anthony at our Vauxhall Offices (, to get your figures checked. If you want to know more about the FPS, take a look at our website.

Pathfinder International magazine
Thank You FPS.

Is this the organisation you can join for £30?

And if so, how long after joining could I start asking for facts and figures?
£35 if you join on line. Quote FPS2015 when you join and you will get a £100 cheque towards a city break.

You can get our help as soon as you join and we do not put a limit on the number of times you can ask us for advice.

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