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Due to leave the army in January 2016. Can any one advice what will happen to pension and lump sum. Will I have to transfer to 2015 pension scheme for 8 months or will I get grandfather rights. As not getting information from any of our admin staff. Some one please


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As I understand it, all your pension rights and benefits earned prior to April 2015 will be preserved, and anything earned after that date will be transferred to the new system.
You'll be dead before then. Use the Pension Calculator, you thicky.

I'm going, I'm going,
As I understand it then, X years before April 2015 then 8 month on 2015. Will I still get lump and pension at 40 this is the more important question??
There are DINs, DBNs and ABNs by the score on this very subject, if you are unable to locate and read them I fear you will struggle in your future life regardless of the size of you gratuity and pension ^~


not to worry. found the answer I was looking for. cheers smart ass??

Hi, lot of rude people on here, I am not one of them, I am in the same boat as you, could you enlighten me what the answer was,

There is a bit of concern on how it will play out for us, because we could get pecuniary disadvantaged if they cock it up which by past experience they will.
sorry bud. come April 2015 we will have to transfer to new pension but what ever you have on afps75 or afps05 will be save. so for me I will have 9 months on new pension scheme. hope this helps you out..


Just as a point to note on this thread - I have just read DIN 2013-01-86 which details additional bits to the FAFPS (including Loan Service, promotion after Apr 13 etc).

For those 'not in the know' or with no access to DINs, there's a dit in there about anyone who's concerned about this 'career-average' milarke when we already know that under AFPS75 you need two years in rank for the final rank pension...

In a nutshell, say you're currently a WO2 and you get substansive WO1 in Apr 14:

You could be forgiven for thinking two years substansive will put you a year over the transition date and therefore will end up with a lower WO2 pension, and a year of 'career average' beyond Apr 15...

But it states in the DIN that the benefits accrued under your current pension scheme will remain payable at the time they were expected and linked to the final pensionable salary at the point of leaving the services - and not the salary at the time of transition (Apr 15).

I hope that clears things up for a few of you out there - and that some bum-holes have contracted a little at least.

Mine has, anyway.
IIRC, the requirement to complete 2 years for the pension was reduced to one year over 5 years ago. Something to do with having to deal with all the applications for extension of service.


The latest DIN only details 2 years in rank as qualification.

It might well have been in the past - possibly on a case-by-case basis of those who it affected?
It was briefed out to all RLC. It must have been army wide as you couldn't have granted it to just one Corps. It gave a lot of guys I know an additional shot at promotion.

The requirements for selection for promotion was also changed at the same time to only requiring 12 months colour service remaining at the start of the promotion year.

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