Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Uniform_Lover, Mar 23, 2003.

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  1. Hiya people  ;D

    I am interested in writing to any of our guys who are currently out in the gulf, anyone have any ideas who to contact? I found one site but you have to pay to join to keep our guys spirits up - how disgusting is that  :mad:

    Any ideas would be gratefully received  :-*
  2. But did you reply to any MDN?
  3. Penpals are for losers, usually losers who are in their 40's described as Blonde and Bubbly (Dyed & fat) single mums (latest boyfriend has f*cked off with the family allowance book) with loads of kids (none of which were fathered by the family allowance book thief), who seem to come out of the wood work when there's a war on.  So there :p
  4. There speaks the man of experience I presume!
  5. You're not wrong Muttley - he sounds well hacked off! I think if that "lady" really wants info, if she contacts the Sun they have something about writing to the guys out there. Family allowance book he he he ;D
  6. I have never stolen a family allowance book in my life!
  7. Hmmmmmm sounds like the description you gave above may be the types you attract, I wonder why that could be then  :p

    Just for your information, I am in my early 30s, brown haired and a size 12 (not exactly model rake thin but no fat on me either), no boyfriend as I told him to F*** off, no kids which is by choice, have a great career and no time in my life for a permanent relationship.

    I would have thought that this kind of cynical attitude would be better left to the tabloids.  I am one of the few actually backing what our government are doing and I would have thought that after all the anti-war campaigning going on out there our troops would be pleased with some support!!!!! Before you actually ask or make comment either, the type of support that will obviously spring into your gutter mind is definately not the type of support on offer.

    Attitudes like yours should be relegated to the dark ages, on second thoughts ............... perhaps its just you who should be relegated ........... lock stock and two smoking barrels full.

    Dont worry, I wont bother this site again, I will contact other people I know as I am sure they will know of someone who would be grateful for some support from home.
  8. Bye, bye, chubby.
  9. Ma - is there REALLY any need to make someone who wishes to contact the guys on the front line so feel so unwelcome?

    You may have really upset her............ and you never know, she MAY just make someone's day by sending a letter out there.


  10. Yeah, some chunkie would just be chuffed to f*ck on the back of that one.  

    Just cause they're in the desert, doesn't make them desperate.  Besides, anyone who shags a fat lass, is just too lazy to ****.
  11. Oh come on, it's one of those blokes pretending to be a chick again.
  12. I've never taken you seriously Dennis. ;)
  13. Lipstick - I understand that, however, judging by Uniform_Lover's post, it was obvious that SHE didn't.
  14. Well,  that's fat lasses for you ;)
  15. Ma,

    In this particular instance your so called brand of "humour" is not welcome.  I would expect that when a woman who by all accounts looks like she has never served in her life asks a serious question, she should be given a straight answer and not a load of grief.

    Whilst you (if you have ever deployed before in your life) may have abused those that found the time to write to you, there are many who actually enjoy sending and receiving post whilst on ops.  Your crap merely puts people off doing it.  

    If you have nothing decent to say in the other forums stick to the naafi bar where your "humour" is appreciated tolerated.