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Discussion in 'Officers' started by McChanClan, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. I can't really give everyone a penny! :p

    Its been a while since I went away from my AOSB-Briefing with good news but I'm finally looking at my main board which is the April 19th - 22nd one.

    Firstly, the AOSB booking bods told me that my main board date is the last one with which a successful candidate can go through to get into the MAY 2010 intake. Now I really would prefer May over September, is there any reason to think this is unrealistic?

    Secondly, there's the pros & cons of May vs September to think about. If I pass that is! I've heard the May intake tends to be older & a bit smaller which I'd like as I'm now 25yrs 4 mths old & will be leaving civvie street from full time employment as opposed to straight from uni. So, I am a little wary about the September date containing far more fresh grads. It boils down to the following;

    MAY - I have to quit work without fulfilling 4 weeks notice, but I get into training sooner & in theory have more in common with fellow recruits...

    SEPT - I get to resign properly from work, go on a few holidays with my better half, but I start that bit closer to my 26th birthday & go into a rather large intake...

    Any thoughts welcome.
  2. Go for May and get on with it. You're not a spring chicken, though 25 is (rightly) no longer considered ancient. If your employers are halfway-sensible, they will understand. If not, just don't fail RMAS in case you ever need a reference.

    But then I was there in 87 so what do I know? Good luck either way. You can give the 1p to charity.
  3. '87? Child!
  4. I'd go for mate if you can. I passed AOSB in December, and the wait is very tedious!
  5. I thought you had to go on a weekend prior to the commissioning course a few months before it started (issuing of kit, boots etc)?
    I only ask because I'm booked onto a MB before yours and thought May was out of the question.
  6. Yeah it seems like a hell of a short window but according to a Word document with the AOSB dates for 2010 & the word of the clerk I spoke to April 19th to 22nd is the final date available to May intake hopefuls... I may call Westbury for a bit of fact finding on this count.
  7. I'd definitely clarify that, the last PCCBC is March 16th.
  8. This discussion is raging on about three other threads. AOSB and OCAC disagree on the final date of the PCCBC. The only sensible course of action, unless the situation is clarified, is to go to main board ASAP and pray that you haven't missed your intake of choice.
  9. I think we may now have had a reasonably definitive answer:

    ... well it's definitive enough for me anyway. It is an answer which goes along with what everyone so far has heard from one source or another. Oh well, should know one way or another in two weeks!