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I spent the afternoon with my old friend Max Arthur and he informed me of the death of Penny Fiewel, her courage speaks for its self. Volunteered in 1937. Nurse in the International Brigade. Severely wounded by bomb blast in 1938. Awarded Spanish passport on June 9, 2009 in London. Lives in Bournemouth.[10][22][23]
It is with great sadness that the IBMT announces the death of Penny Feiwel (nee Phelps),
the last surviving nurse from the Spanish Civil War. Penny was 101, and died in
Bournemouth on the 6th. January.
Penny was not politically motivated to go to Spain, but she realised that "Nursing in Spain
had been mainly the province of Nuns, and most were with Franco, leaving the
Republicans short of nurses." so she offered her services to the Spanish Medical Aid
Committee. Her time in Spain has been well documented elsewhere, but she was incredibly
strong, brave and hardworking in the most terrible conditions. Almost single-handed she
prevented an outbreak of Typhoid and established an isolation hospital in Quintana for the
Garibaldi Battalion, as well as running a clinic there for the local population. She was a
Theatre nurse during the battles of Tarancon, Jarama and Brunete, and during the retreats,
but her time in Spain ended when she was very badly injured in a bombing raid, and
at her insistance was finally evacuated back to England for surgery, and recovery.

Since the International Brigade Memorial Trust was formed 10 years ago, Penny has been
a key member, always ready to help the cause of remembering her comrades
may she rest in Peace.
How many of us can measure up to a life such as hers. RIP a life lived to the full

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