Penknife for picnics lands man in court

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Report in Friday's Telegraph: A 61 year old disabled man was charged when police found a Swiss Army knife in the glovebox of his car. The knife was with a torch a first aid kit and waterproofs. Pleading guilty as charged m'lud he was given a conditional discharge.

    His defence said, "The law is very clear. He accepts it was in his car."

    Errrrmmm, would some eagle beagle explain the clarity of this? Reason being I carry a belt pouch with a clasp knife in it when I go, shooting, fishing or sailing. Am I too breaking the law?
  2. Only if you are white, male, employed.
  3. :twisted: YOU SURE ARE pc plod will have a field day with you bud :police:
  4. The Police would have a field day if they looked in my Lap Top Back Pack...

  5. Surely there's got to be more to this case than has been reported?

    It can't be unreasonable to carry a small penkife for peeling fruit, getting Boy Scouts out of horse's hooves or sharpening a quill or can it?

    On this basis, I should hate to be stopped when I am going up to my woods with my usual collection of wood-carving knives, machetes, billhooks etc
  6. This was just a "Soft Collar" by some scalp hunting copper who was pissed off because he couldn,t find the guy guilty of driving under the influence, so rather than lose face this uniformed shit for brains no account scuffer does the poor dumb sod for having a PENKNIFE, my word I bet his station Sergeant was chuffed with him and took him to see his Inspector for a congratulatory.

    No wonder people are disgusted with the Police. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  7. thought you were allowed a non-locking knife with a blade of less than 2 1/4 inches or something? IIRC swiss army knife blades don't lock, so perhaps it was one of the larger models?
  8. Should have told them he was a Sikh and it was part of his religion.

    That'll teach him not to be religious!!
  9. I was cautioned at the Welsh Assembly building for having a "Micro Leatherman" on my keyring, FFS I could do more damage with my front door key, debit card or Bus pass than that
  10. Depends whether you are doing any of them activities or on your way to or from doing them. If so then no, if not then stand by.

    Ridiculous I know. :x

    "Discretion - Something the police used to be encouraged to use before Policing was infiltrated by greedy Politicians and those who have no interest in the communities they allegedly serve but will never have to live in."

    I'm willing to bet this bloke had no intention of standing on a street corner near some shops with said knife in his belt threatening passers by. Something for which I know a convicted burglar, drug dealer and violent offender has just been Refused Charge with.


    Tough on crime bla bla bla
  11. I'm well buggered then, 12 arrows and one penknife in the car when I go to Archery 3 times a week. When I walk to the allotment my knife comes with me along with assortment of other sharp and dangerous tools.
  12. Well the real criminals never pay their by targetting law abiding types they can use it as a new form of taxation.

  13. Criminal Justice act 1988 S139. Provides a Statutory Defence covering a "a folding knife with a blade not exceeding 3" in length" which this almost certainly was. No offence can have been committed.....

    He had a "good reason" in any case...... I would suggest he has a "good reason" for stabbing his brief too... :roll:
  14. Just ridden the outrage bus to the letters page of the Daily Telegraph.
    I presume that as they didn't get a drink drive arrest they looked for something else - in any event, a folding pocket knife with a blade cutting edge of 3" or less is not covered by the act, and it certainly wasn't an offensive weapon as reported, which requires evidence of intent.
    What a crock of poop.
    And yes, I have been in the plod for nearly 20 years, and no, if there weren't other extenuating circumstances I wouldn't have wasted my time nicking him.