Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by Welshexpat, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. A man goes to the doctor "Doctor - I have been having the most terrible headaches - I haven't slept properly for over a year and now it's getting to the stage where I can't sleep at all or even think straight" ( ...... etc etc)

    The doctor examines him thoroughly and says "I'm afraid you have an extremely rare desease - the only known cure is to have your penis removed!"

    The guy weighs up the pros and cons - no sex life anyway - no anything until these headaches go - so he goes for it and has the operation a week later (BUPA)

    His headaches went instantly - he was so relieved - but also very depressed at losing his manhood - so - he decided on a bit of retail therapy and went to Savile Row to get measured up for a posh, expensive new suit.

    Tailor starts measuring him up - gets to the inside leg and says "What side does sir dress on"

    "Hmmph - never mind that - none of your business"

    But sir, it's very important that you dress on the correct side ....."

    "Look - just make a suit that looks good either way - OK!"

    "No - No sir - it's not just the tailoring - if one always dresses on the wrong side, one gets the most excrutiating headaches!"