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  1. Ode to a penis
    I'll tell you a short poem;
    I'll try to make it quick.
    You might think it quite harmless;
    You might well find it sick.
    The subject is quite simple:
    The joy of having a dick.

    Penises are super things;
    You ladies should be jealous.
    Ever since the early days,
    When it was small and hairless;
    I've looked upon that bit of flesh,
    As something very precious.

    It starts to grow dramatically,
    When you're about thirteen.
    Your testicles on either side;
    Your willy in between.
    When erect it's quite a sight;
    A purple love machine.

    It dangles neatly down below;
    Obedient and loyal.
    Its seeds are hidden well within;
    Awaiting some fresh soil.
    At the slightest hint of lust,
    It's ready to uncoil.

    It has a mind all of its own;
    It's like a wild beast.
    It squirms and writhes and stretches out;
    When you expect it least.
    You can't control its energy;
    You must wait 'til it's ceased.

    Handle it with love and care;
    For it can give great pleasure.
    Has it grown since last weekend?
    And when did you last measure?
    Still, no matter what its length;
    It's something you should treasure.

    Sometimes, yes, it misbehaves;
    Erecting when it shouldn't.
    A bumpy train ride sets it off;
    Just when you wish it wouldn't.
    Did that lady notice it?
    You blush and hope she couldn't.

    Some people fret about its size;
    They give it lots of thought.
    Is seven inches long enough?
    It makes blokes quite distraught.
    They peek across in public loos,
    And try not to get caught.

    Masturbating is a sin;
    That's what some folk believe.
    But those are just old wives' tales;
    Outdated and naive.
    And if you're feeling tense or stressed,
    A quick wank does relieve.

    Without this fabulous device,
    No shag would be complete.
    Lesbians will try their best;
    But must admit defeat.
    And what a handy tool it is,
    When one needs to excrete.

    The penis is quite marvelous;
    It has so many uses.
    For women it is special too;
    Excitement it induces.
    And babies can be procreated,
    From its sperm-filled juices.

    And always it remains with you;
    Until you're old and frail.
    Don't take it out in public though,
    Or you'll be thrown in jail.
    Just look at it and feel proud;
    And thank the lord you're male.
  2. short poem??