Penis Enlargement

After years of trying all these penis enlargement products like the pills and the pumps I've finally found one that works!

Thanks Photoshop!
You only have pass the PTI course,

then you become the biggest cock in the world
People can usually tell when I've been on a nudist beach.

In between my footprints in the sand there's a plough mark.
Caused by your arse dragging on the floor? ^~

My girl-friend said "give me 9 inches and make me bleed!"

So I fucked her 3 times and punched her in the mouth.
Maybe in another few years Joe but not just yet.

A lass goes to see her doctor a week before her marriage to ask her some sex advice as she is a virgin.

"What would you like to know dear." The doc asks.

"Well", replies the lass, "I'd like to know what that thing is between a man's legs."

"Ahh my dear, that would be his penis."

"Oh, ok, then what are those two roundish hairy things fourteen inches back from his penis tip?"

"For your sake love, you'd better pray that they're the cheeks of his arrse!"
Mary the milkmaid was having a lie down beneath a big shady tree in the pasture when a big Jersey cow ends up standing over her happily gnawing on the lovely green grass.

Mary groggily awakens, and still half dreaming says, "One at a time boys, one at a time!"
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