penis cast in stone!!

Like it so much it deserves a statue of itself??? Get your hampton cast by this chick. Shes willing to manhandle it for you, but no touching!!

Here’s the plan: we will meet (either I will come to you, or you can come to me if you’re in the area) and I will take an impression of your penis, in as much of a state of excitement as you can muster. If you feel like you might need it, you are more than welcome to bring along anything that will aid your erection maintenance (although I draw the line at faeces, livestock, small children and grubby fucksocks). I will also provide assistance if necessary, but please note: THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SEX. This is consensual cocktouching only and should be viewed primarily as an artistic experiment.
The BCC Project
Darth_Doctrinus said:
Boney - spotted this as few weeks ago, as this comment shows!

God, there are some very odd people out there, nicht wahr? :)

DD - noted you had been there already - so how was it....? More to the point, how did you find the site in the first place???!!
I know that peeing into the plaster of paris makes it set quicker but is there anything that slows down the process - requires her help in maintaining the (literal) one night stand?
SuperTrooper said:
You cnut! I thought they were making a statue of Tony Blair when I read that post header

I think that's a wonderful idea, though it would be a terrible shame if they forgot to put the breathing straws in when they cast the mould for his face... :twisted:

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