Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jimmyp84, Jul 21, 2008.

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  1. i had an allergic reaction to penicillian a few years back, could this stop me from joining?? thanks
  2. It has no "a" in it. won't stop you joining.

    What's your next rediculously stupid question going to be?
  3. I'm currently tagged because of an outstanding asbo, can I still start basic with my tag on?
  4. Normally "yes", but you managed to string your whole sentence together without a spelling mistake, and not a hint of txt spk. So in your case "no"

    Sorry fella.
  5. Smudge,that should be an i not an e.

    I was kinda hoping that JimmyP would pick me up on that one.
  7. Probably queuing outside the recruitment office as I type,
  8. tanke youe foure thwet mit and i'll tri and brucshe op on mi spalleinge 8O
  9. Good man :)
  10. Gah, i bloody hate penicillin. I told this indian dr i was allerigic to the stuff and the cnut gave it me. Was spewing blood and oxygen for days. :x
  11. Course you can.
  12. You can either paint it DPM or get one of the others to cut it off your leg,won't be any dramas once your in,no one will mind,Just do it.