Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by barnezy349, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Hey ppl, not sure if this is the right place so don't have a go if it isn't.

    What's the accomodation and ablutions like down at penhale? Going there in the summer and just wanted to know. Detailed answers would be brilliant
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Cheap and cheerful, bit of a walk to the ablutions but you will be hungover so it wont matter.
  3. Yer like liver? Yer like onions ? Then you,ll love Penhale....

  4. Very basic WWII huts for accommodation, with each hut accommodating around 30 pax. As said, it's a walk to the abulutions which are basic.
  5. Who gives a **** what the accomodation is like...its Penhale...its 10 minutes from Newquay!!!!
  6. Always had a great time at Penhale, as stated accomadtion is basic but everything works so it's easily barable.

    You are ten mins from newquay for nights out and you are surrounded by places for
  7. Thought Penhale was now "civvie".....
  8. Accomodation is brill, Super Blocks in the true sense, single rooms with on suite facilities. All ranks resturant with the latest facilities and the NAAFI bar is second to none.

    The place rocks :lol:
  9. what are the showers like- separate with doors/curtains
    separate with no doors/curtains
    or a big room wiv loadsa showers in???

    one of mi junior cadets has a nervous disposition about bein seen wivout clothes- he can't even take his top off in the sun wivout havin a bit of nervous breakdown
  10. Showers???? ......... Penhale and showers? in the same sentence 8O fire hose with a sprinkler on it :lol:
  11. Haven't been there for 6 years but it was 30-40 bunkbeds in a room 1 or 2 toilets in each block with a seperate ablutions block round the corner, lockers that didn't lock.

    Re. shy cadet tell him to take a bath plug. I think showers were individual with curtains, Just phone the Accom Supervisor up they will be able to tell you.

    Brilliant Location Poor Accomodation
  12. Na - as far as I remember, the male blocks are of the 'Pulic School' pattern. Tell him to go at four in the morning or eleven at night, when the rest of your cadtets will be (in the words of an idol of mine) [trying to] "Fingerfuck little miss Mary-Jane Rottencrotch through her purty pink cotton panties..." behind the doris' block, or trying to show how manly they are by playing a bad game of rugby on the slope. Aaah, Penhale. Good pub just outside the gate. As for cleanliness - depends if you have a grip on the little buggers, and if they know how to use a mop...
  13. penhale is fantastic. more like a holiday resort. on top of a hill surrounded by holly well bay beach. great surf, great views, its cheap and cheerfull. next to , two holiday camping sites near holywell bay fun park. thing of it as not a camp but holiday camp.
  14. All I remember about Penhale was feckin sand dunes and splash parades,mind it was 1973 when I went as a junior
  15. used to do alot of t a stuff there b4 i joined was ace really basic accommodation proper world war billets however all areas are ace walk over cliff down to perranporth 5 mins. top pub on beach called the wateringhole does really good food to!!