Penhale Camp

Fantastic place, just a short distance from Newquay. Great spot for adventure training exped and a Nudist beach within walking distance to boot.......can't be all bad.
Newquay is one of the best places in the UK i have been out on the lash. If i ever get married I think i'll have my stag do there.

Penhale camp itself isn't great, it certainly has characher. Old style billets stuck in the middle of sand-dunes. 2 Pubs 300m away. Newquay is about £10 in a taxi.

Great spot for adv trg, particularly if the weather is good. Try and get an afternoon on Fistral Beach and do some surfing.

Theres a pub near the camp that flys the Union Flag upside down. Dont go in and complain because we did and we got got barred. it serves a good pint too.
what a top camp we had some adventure training there a few years ago. some of us got redirected when we were supposed to go on a 25k bike ride and fell into the nearest alehouse. had a top days boozing there. some of the guys had a crash on mountain bikes on our return and one of them lost part of his dick which was caught in the bikes gears

all in all a memorable camp :lol:
Strewth - is that place still open ??? I was there in 1970, summer camp from Norton Manor Camp (which was no bad place itself). High points were getting locked up in a cell in the guardroom for being sick (the Med Centre was full), getting 7 kinds of s**t punched out of me in the boxing ring, cheating on the escape and evasion exercise by getting a ride back in the ration truck - the local totty was inspiring.
Went there many a time as an Army Cadet. last time i was there walls etc had signs saying "do not touch, danger asbestos etc" written all over them. hence cadets touching the walls and licking fingers afraid.

Its alright in the summer reasonable warm, and the trg area while small is kinda fun. WInter is a diffrent question though. the camp is built in such a place that there is always, and i mean always a cold wind blowing through it. And those 6 inch gaps at the bottom of the nissen huts that make the billets so nice and cool in the summer must be filled with blankets, bergans whatever comes to hand.And the single electric heater issued per billet has little to no effect.

Weirdest thing i remember is that all the plugs were in a row of 6 either side of the doorat the end of one billet. V strange.
Had a great time down there last summer. I'd recommmend heading into newquay, as the local pubs are fun, but the town is better. There's a cab number in the guard room that does £10 into town and £15 back if its after 11. Quite a few clubs in town, but be warned...
Newquay is populated with men. I'd guess at nearly 80%. It's shocking.

Shocking I tels yeh!!!

I went there twice as a cadet and once as a regular, shit nissan hut accomadation about ten minutes taxi from newquay and there's a pub ust outside the gates so you'll be to drunk to care where you sleep.

Nuff said ?


MrDragon said:
rampant_officer said:
where is the nearest train station to penhale camp?
Didnt know they were still running trains there!
The local range complex is interesting. You have to give the locals 30 mins warning with flags before firing and the danger area is a local shipping channel.

You have to have two sentries 200m or so either side of the range on the cliff edge with a compass, a chart and a range phone. If anything comes into the danger area you have to stop firing and send a bearing from each sentry for range control to work out if they are actually in said danger area then wait until it moves out.

I was sentry for an afternoon (mainly for tanning purposes) and a bloody jet skier kept on riding on in. Trouble was, by the time the bearing and message had been done he was out again. Nightmare!

Still, it is a good camp and has a good beach nearby.

Quote from the RSM at the time - "Don't go out through that gate on to the beach as it has doggers, cottagers... and once, there, I drowned. DON'T LAUGH IT'S TRUE!"

We still laugh...
Happy memories of summer '81. Cpl X RRW (6') pulled a WRAC recruit in the NAAFI. Girlfriend (6'+) took great exception and beat the sh1t out of him. How we laughed.
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