Penguin Lust

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. alib

    alib LE

    In the Guardian 'Sexual depravity' of penguins that Antarctic scientist dared not reveal
    Dirty little bastard.
  2. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    You know you would though.
  3. alib

    alib LE

    That would be stooping rather low and I have a bad back.
  4. We have a penguin colony down here were I live, I might pop along to it tomorrow for a bit of live smut. Awesome.
  5. tuffy52

    tuffy52 LE

    What a bunch of perverts,,lock them all up (Spheniscinae).....

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  6. POGscribbler

    POGscribbler War Hero

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  7. POGscribbler

    POGscribbler War Hero

  8. Did your fingers smell of fish?
  9. POGscribbler

    POGscribbler War Hero

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  10. spaz

    spaz On ROPS On ROPs

    Never mind all that, when are the Communards touring again?
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  11. AAGF


    As long as she didn't crap on your leg, you're ahead of the game ...

    (PS love my PoG)
  12. cloudbuster

    cloudbuster Guest

    Shouldn't you consider persec and harry-black the Rockhopper's eyes.
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  13. ADBO


    Also saw some of the dirty little barstards when I was in the Falklands in '94. Didin't realise that they could projectile shit over 10-15 feet. Could be fun in a scat scenario...
  14. You look like a fox piss and twiglet type to me?

    That makes you way ahead.
  15. cloudbuster

    cloudbuster Guest

    Always had a thing about 'guins since I had a nun for a RE teacher at primary school.