Pending or in progress Court Martial stories

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Dear all,

As I have previously requested on this board, please do not post stories for discussion on current or pending Court/Courts Martial , even if they appear in the mainstream media.

Thanks PTP
Being a newbie and all that entails could you perhaps enlighten me and possibly some others as to why this is Forum policy?

The case mentioned is big news here in Germany and is in the papers and on the telly.

Names, dates etc etc have been released to the public domain so why no discussion on here?

This is a serious quest for knowledge and not (much of) a dig at the mods..
Hi Steven.

At present, Current Affairs policy, is to not comment or invite comment on current or pending court martials, following remarks from Judge Advocate General Michael Hunter during the Fusiliers CM.

As you may be aware, Arrse has more than it's fair share of lurking journos, and as a result , we have to be careful as to what is said over proceedings.


Very rarely post in here but read regularly.

What I find disturbing is that people keep dragging this thread back upto the front after the moderator has for valid reasons culled / locked it.

PTP had Moderated Current Affairs since the dawn of ARRSE and the size and quality of the board is a credit to him alone.. Do us all a favour and support him instead of sniping around his ankles and questioning his judgement.

The job is a tough one and PTP works in an area where his knowledge and experience is an asset to the site. Folk with 3 - 100 posts who only joined a month ago should wind in thier necks give the fella a break.

Rant off!

My post was a genuine quest for knowledge.

If you noticed I did not post anything tangible about any cases.

I asked a politely phrased question because I did not know the answer.

I suppose I could have put this in a PM to PTP but thought that perhaps there might be others reading here who were also wondering.

No sniping intended but thought using PTPs own topic header would be a the quickest way to get a response.

Just as a suggestion perhaps PTPs answer to me (thanks) should go in the sticky at the top of this forum so that people like me don't have to ask again.

Neck is now wound back in.
It is understandable to be cautious about military court martial procedings and the guilt/innocence of the accused. Perhaps there is a forum that is more appropriate ?

I know that on US military forums court martials are sometimes discussed without problems. Of course those forums are not as large as arrse. The military hates negative publicity. But a court martial is proof positive that the military justice system works, same as a civilian court. Some soldiers are found guilty and punished and others are cleared. In cases of possible injustice public scrutiny may help a soldier's cause. Recently we had the case of Lt Pantano, USMR. He was accused of killing two terrorists who tried to avoid capture. After alot of public interest the Marines dropped the charges [his only accuser was a Sgt with an ax to grind]. There have been a number of others [too many for my liking] who violated military law and have been punished. Some outlet for discussing the odd case that merits discussion should be found here - Intel section perhaps or the bar ?
I could add a lot here, but PG is right - this forum is heavily moderated and usually very well, and we have had nasty incidents in the past on this subject. I agree with my septic chum however - each case should be decided on its merits - unless risk-aversion is a trait we seek to imbue our people with - I suspect not.

The case under discussion in this thread would benefit considerably from discussion for a number of very good reasons - none of which I'm going to actually post, as the Mod has judged otherwise, for the reasons alluded to by PG.

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