Pending eurozone downgrade

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Who else is glued to the news hoping the fucking French get downgraded to send them into an even bigger hissy fit than when they were warned off. :)
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  2. All for it - the bunch of cheese eating, white flag waving, gay beret wearing fuckers.
  3. Not really. Happier licking piss off a thistle.
  4. No panic. France is just being downgraded to a province of Germany... again. Thankfully this time it doesn't involve tanks.
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  5. The Euro and the EU going down the pisser? There's a surprise.
    I, for one, will happily dance on the grave of the European Union
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  6. Watch the French 'buy' their way out of this.

    May I recommend the brilliant book:

    ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF ANNOYING THE FRENCH written by Stephen Clarke and selling for £8.99.

    Arrssers, it is the best nine quid I have ever spent - brilliantly, bloody brilliant!
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  7. The creeping domino hyper recession whatever is getting closer to home. Lots of Brit money tied up in Frog property and business. This affects you. Oh shit NAAFI BAR. Grovelling apologies available on request.
  8. Any true Brit will for a brief moment ignore any and all repercussions and simply indulge in watching the frogs get another spanking. And bloody well deserved too.
  9. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The downgrade is reportedly being announced at 8pm tonight. Oh, how I'd like to have been a fly on the wall of Sarkozy's office.

    By way of a bonus it also fucks over the EFSF which will have significantly fewer AAA rated countries to back it.

  10. Now announced on BBC website
  11. That's what they get for being a grass. :)
  12. Hopefully that'll put the jumped up little midget back in his box.
  13. The EFSF is nothing more than a state backed Ponzi scheme that's being engineered on a gargantuan scale.

    Bit like Nu Labour making it law for the governments to have to fund the trade unions, just for the trade unions to then use the money to fund Nu Labour.. Fucking sucks
  14. BB, you forgot the suffix ............. Surrender Monkeys.