Pending Closure of Osnabruck

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by GORDON_DER_DACHS, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. As some of you may be aware Osnabruck Garrison is due to close in the Summer of 2008. With this closure the local MI Section will relocate with the rest of 4 Mech Bde to Catterick. To that end the Section is attempting to pool any history of the Corps' time in the town.

    We have a fairly complete history of the Sy Sections serving in the area but have very little information on any Int Cells supporting the Bde. There is also very little info with regards to any post WWII presence in the town.

    If any one has any tales/stories, or advice on where to source any such history I would be very glad to hear from you.


    Gordon Der Dachs
  2. Weren't 14 Sigs there for a while?
  3. Yes, early/mid 90s.
  4. As part of the famous "Op Destroy Morale" mounted by "No hope Nigel". 6 months after arrival in 'Traz 14 had the worst PVR rate of any Sig regt and the 3rd worst in the army!!!

    Nice town though
  5. I was there a couple of years ago and deployed on TELIC V with the Bde. Great tour, great Section and Osnabruck is awesome on the drink. I would have liked to return there in the future but clearly this isn't going to happen... oh well.
  6. Can a farewell drink not be organised in Traz for the summer of 2008, as I spent 6 happy years there and remember some of the drinking establishments, eg, Die Stiefel and Die Zwiebel, in the old town. I reckon with enough interest, we could be on to a winner. Sorry to butt in on the Int Forum, but read the thread with some sorrow. It would be sad to see this Garrison disappear without a good send off.

    Sorry to add, I wasn't Int Corp, but would still be interested in a fare well drink to Traz.
  7. Not a bad idea that. It's easy to get to from Munster Flughafen, a stolen weekend on the monstrous piss in the middle of summer!

    We could even start in the Section bar if there's anybody on here from the Section that's willing to set that up!

    Fuck yeah!
  8. Osamabruck.....ooops but I have had a few cognacs too many. That sceptered jewel on the Westphalian front....I remember we nicked a Chieftain from 1 RTR one fine evening....not me personally you understand...sewing up severed necks after a tiff with some tiddlyeyties after a night on the piddle...chap whose 432 stopped about 6 ft short of the guardroom cos he hadnt switched his fuel tap to on....jeff coming back home on a camel.....the list is endless.....did I enjoy it.....nope....was it bearable....yep because of the mates you made there....mad Fred with his sledge hammer, Butler with his toffee hammer for those unexpected nighttime delights....and that was when QLR were the good guys and 1 Kings were the bad boys.

    Whistles nonchalantly as he heads for the door :)
  9. Rembember it well, Nigel No hope (was his Chief RAOWO or whatever), the IRA mortaring Quebec Barracks and one I am trying to forget, losing a prisoner who having been watching The Great Escape took it upon himself to do just that and cycle out of camp! Great times though :D
  10. The 7 Int Coy section used to be in the top floor of the garrison HQ on Artillery Strasse, HQ 12 Mech / Task Force Charlie? larged detached house with CMC on the ground floor.

    5 Field Force were on quebec kasserne with 3 Para, a 2 -man int det there went through a period where nether the WO2 not the JNCO were able to drive.

    They had to send over to Bielefeld and used to borrow the driver from Seagull's mobile disco to drive them on exercises. ( what happened to that Marina van and its driver from the "Threat!" backstage crew ?)

    BTW: Was that WO2 from the same firm of landscape gardeners that turned up to tend the gardens of serving 1* in an army registered Landrover 101 on the 89 Int Sect 1098?

  11. Yes thanks for the memories.