Penally Training Camp

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Just wondering for a heads up from you guys on what Penally is like as a camp; Accomodation, food, training area, any midges as I'm there for 2 weeks in August.

ahh penally camp, spent many a camp there it was done up several years ago accomidation was good still a walk to the ablutions though, food was ok but depends on the civvys they employ , local area good pubs good p.o.w a must british legion and rugby club good for a night out or you can try sandersfoot taxis cheep enough. have a good one
I won't be allowed off camp, whats the NAAFI like?

Thanks for the info so far.
Ahhhhaaaahhhhhhhhaaaa, sorry shouldn't laugh , ahahahahahahah.

Stuck in Penally with all them glamour girls just down the road in town, unlucky ! The NAAFI, used to be top of the hill, is pants. Think Bad Lad's Army NAAFI, complete with piano in the corner and your about right. Tenby is quality on the pop, Pete the puff @ POW's, 5 Bells and Tenby house well worth a visit. Can't remember the name of the club just down from camp as was always ming monged, used to be Night Owl ?
Good Naafi, by Naafi standards. Recently refurbished I think.Quite big. Sells most useful kit, including dhobi dust tablets for cleaning the mud off your kit.

Plenty of washing machines and the driers go on forever for just a quid. I was there last year and I wouldnt be surprised if the drier I used is still turning and burning!

It rains almost constantly. Take your Goretex, and if you've got 'em, gaiters. I cannot emphasise that enough. I was there last August for 8 days and it only stopped raining as we left camp on the final day!

There is a very friendly feral tortoiseshell cat on the camp, who has the softest fur ever and loves having his tummy tickled. Judging by the tufts of fluff all over the place he catches a lot of rabbits at night. he's usually seen up on the hill side of camp, under the transmitting tower.

Mobile coverage is patchy, but I was able to use a mobile broadband connection in the camp

Food okay. Nothing special, but nothing bad either. The kitchen staff speak English when they think your not around, but lapse into Welsh as soon as you are in earshot. Cnuts :roll:

Hot water sometimes runs out. get up early or have a shower the night before.

Are you ACF?
Yes I'm ACF...Thanks for the info guys, great help on what to expect.
Any ideas on what the training area is like?

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