Penal Regiments

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. With the amount of prison overcrowding at the moment and high youth crime, would the formation of penal regiments not be an idea ? It worked well for the Germans in WW2 and the FFL had penal battalions up until the 30's / 40's.
    Give them the tasks no one else wants and if they get through their alloted sentence unscathed, theyre released back into society and if not ..who gives a shit.
    Would this work in reality ? cos I'd love to see some of the scallies " hardmen" round ours faces if they actually got posted to face someone who shot back.....
  2. Would this work in reality ? - NO the resources needed to train and police such an idea would outweigh the benefits, oh bollox this is Naafi, Yes and horsewhip the cunts till they die then use the corpses as biofuel!
  3. i salute you.
  4. Pretty much the same everywhere I think using them to clear minefields in the FI and IED's in Helmand armed only with these would work a treat.

    after all why give them expensive electroncis to do the job they'll either ebay it or be down Cash COnverters ASAP as soon as they get their grubby mit's on them
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  5. no need for training, you force them at gunpoint into suspect areas and let them take fire / set off ied's etc
  6. I Totally agree Im ex legion ( Mle 169023) recently worked in a courtroom with these idiots
  7. nor man.give the cunts training,they would be shit hot!think about it,the cunts live or die.what fucking motivation.
  8. I'm ex Legion, Blandford Forum Branch, we may well have met.
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  9. The Waffen SS Division Dirlewanger was made up from convicted criminals, poachers and released mental patients and was pretty effective against partisan activity in Russia and Poland.
    Maybe these chav tough guys could fulfill a similiar purpose like I said just a though watching Ross Kemp on Gangs interviewing some dickhead in Liverpool saying Afghanistan was a joke and it was harder in Liverpool, I'd have liked to have seen how tough he was if was sent over there.
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  10. i think it's an idea with merit, Monsieur. and the facilities shouldn't cost too much.
    trawl the prison for cons with, say 15 years plus, tell them it's the whole sentence without parole or a year in the Penal Regiment
    plenty of "old" desert dpm kicking about (no point wasting MTP on them)
    ditto for boots, cardboard high
    training needent be as long as , say, infantry basic, cos we don't need to teach them all the good stuff we all learnt, just the very basics. bit of drill so you can move them as a body of men, first aid, loads and loads of phys to get them in shape
    Para or RM WO2 to keep them in check (as that aspect might require a "big dog" to get physical with the little scrotes now and again)
    use them for IED clearance etc, they will soon pick it up
    i think the idea holds water
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  11. aye wor army would be fucking massive,if traffic offenders were sent to penal units.
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  12. Bingo! Thats exactly what we need, taliban on all sides (including ours), drug fields for cover, IEDs under foot, oily fuckwits running whitehall and thick junky crimm scumbags to back us up!
  13. Weren't Tiny, Porta, The Legionnaire, The old Man and Barcelona in a Penal
    They survived the War so the idea is flawed!
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  14. aye but we could have suicide missions man.
  15. You need to watch the Korean film Silmido. It's a good instruction manual for creating a penal unit.

    My idea is that we empty the prisons, then introduce roving press gangs to seize undesirables from the streets and estates of Britain. The police can use the PNC and local knowledge to arrest habitual criminals living in their districts. 'Recruits' will be flown straight to a secret training depot in the desert somewhere; we might need several of these camps...

    The recruits would be put through an indescribably brutal training program, designed to make them aggressive, fearless and eager for battle. As long as 2/3rds of them survive the training there will be no manpower problems. Those who don't make it can be buried in unmarked graves.

    Once they were trained up they would be used to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities. I would insert them by parachute or helicopter and make no plans for their extraction. If they weren't considered up to the job of taking out the nuclear sites themselves, they could be scattered piecemeal across Iran to paralyse communications and tie up the Iranian regulars and militias. Several divisions of heavily armed scum (with no option of surrender) rampaging around in jeeps, blowing up bridges and launching Javelin ambushes would cause huge problems for the enemy. The nuclear sites could then be destroyed by regular troops. It wouldn't matter if the scum resorted to banditry; the Iranians would just redouble their efforts to track them down.
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