Pen y Fan Bunkers.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ironrations, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Took the missus up the fan last week...

    While we were there I noticed theres a couple of WW2 (I assume) bunkers at the base, in the woods near the carpark. They seem a bit wierd in that they dont really cover the road. Does anyone have any theories, history, pics inside, etc that explains them.

  2. These pillboxes were part of the WW2 defences for S Wales.
  3. We were going to defend S Wales in WW2?

  4. To protect it's natural beauty! ;)
  5. To keep the Fan as is - and get the Fat off you...!!!!!
  6. either that or they copied the idea from Albania!
  7. they were built for a welsh squaddie to have a private place to go with the sheep.
    its boring stagging on all night
  8. You have to bear in mind that the surroundings have changed in the last 60 years.

    The car park is the old road, obvious when you look at it, and the trees are all new. Hence the bunkers probably could cover the road when they were built.

    You will find similar issues when you look at any WW2 defences.
  9. I've heard it called many things before but never that!
  10. Damn you, JB! You beat me to it!

    I've heard Rations call it worse things in the past!
  11. Because we were worried about a German invasion through S Wales or from Eire (as it was called then). Many 'stop lines' were built in Wales during 1940.
  12. If you look on google earth, pillboxes etc are marked.
  13. As well as the reasons above, in those days, coal was the main export of the valleys, not crack-addled car thieves. Could be quite useful to protect. Yes, I know Pen y Fan is north of them, but of course rumours of Von Taff's private army may have been taken seriously.

    Last time I was there, I noticed that in the woods next to the pillbox, there's a small memorial to lost Paras. I'd just run off the top of PyF and it was a hot day in June, but the blood ran a bit colder to see so many new names.