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Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance...... although I can get it up to 7 :D
The format we work to (only 4 Ps I know):

Post - Background and summary of role fulfilled.

Performance - How they did in the execution of this role.

Position - In rank against peers within whatever level of unit.

Potential - Have they reached the end of the line, or do they have potential to reach 2 ranks up.


Post (3 Lines) - Brief description of the post and any particular responsibilities.

Personality (4 Lines) - Pithy description of the individuals personality (good and Bad points) to enable a board to form an impression of the soldier.

Performance (7 Lines) - Say how well the soldier has perfomed in post and draw out the individual's technical, soldierly, leadership and managerial skills.

Potential (4 Lines) - Comment on future employment and potential for promotion. Include commissioning potential if appropriate.
if you are honest plant-pilot has the better version though, does he not????
Yep, with the 5/7 P's I wouldn't have needed to ask the question and I wouldn't be in such a desperate hurry to get them done!

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