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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by psyco1959, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. i do appologise to all you lovely squaddies in the sigs for asking if you lot were at the bottom of the armed forces ladder i no your at the top but i would like to no if there is any squaddies out there who want a pen pal to write to?
  2. called 'psycho''re having a laugh arent you?
  3. Your a trolling little cnut arnt you psyco.

  4. its about time you lot just accepted an appology when its offered to you without throwing insults back
  5. Feck off you illiterate cnut!
  6. sad psyco... very sad :roll:
  7. Jesus Christ, which rock do these people come from. Do us all a favour and go train to be a suicide bomber and release the trigger in some godforsaking outback.
  8. Yeah, bomb Bedford and do us all a favour
  9. Bomb a bedford? Ok they're slow but they're good load carrying trucks and have served us well. Surely they dont deserve to be blown up.
  10. What the fick I was looking for penpals on this thread some hot lush ladies yer riiiigggght gonna get them on here noooot. As for you Psyco what planet are you from? I think you need to go back there asap ya toss pot

    Bitter man

  11. LOL!