Pen Pal or Palesses

Not sure if this is the best place for this post but in the days of email the good ol letter has probably been consigned to history.

Will any young ladies like to write to some lonely soldiers in NI, Falklands, Germany, Belize etc. and posted in the Sun or Star

We can all remember this but are there any stories to tell about the replies.
This is the place to share them, a moderater might decide to move this to the NAAFI.

I got one from a single mother in Bournemouth, we romanced for 5 months, I buttered her with my deep Yorkshire tome, sent her a few gifts you can only find on tour, a hand carved dove, a collage of flowers from magazines, we truly were going to become a family 'pon my return.

Got back, was picked up, had a lovely curry, night of absolute filth, snuck out in the AM turned my phone off and was forever dodging the lunatic in the nightclubs of Dorset

I loved her in my own way (not your usual gronk either and it was the first shaven fanny id seen since junior school)


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I had letters from several when I was in Aden. One in particular, from Portsmouth ( I was supposed to be being posted there) was very promising, sent undraped photos, gifts and even pubic hair! I met her on return and had a very wild and fun-filled weekend. But decided she wasn't for me. Her husband probably wouldn't approve, when he came out of prison.
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