Pellet gun teacher sent to prison

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. :roll: :roll: :roll:

    proportional sentencing et al?

    Need i say more?

    Airgun teacher jailed
  2. Ahhhh another fine descision by our justice system. :roll:

    Unprovoked my arrse. She's cleaning up the filth the government should be. :!:
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    She fired a weapon at a group of people who were not threatening her, or her property.

    Firearms offenses and affray. Six months doesn't seem disporoprtionate. If she behaves, she'll be home in three.
  4. Okay, used a weapon in public and aimed in the direction of other people. Did wrong, got caught, doing time.

    But, if she was suffering such intimidation for so long why was the system so full of holes that they got away with it for so long? If the right systems are in place and the kids could be 'clipped around the ear' or some such, then it wouldn't have got so far as she ended up in court.
  5. the police seemed to have turned a blind eye to the youth problems "there is no evidence of youth disorder etc " bollocks
  6. (Paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln)

    That government of the hoodlums, by the hoodlums, for the hoodlums shall not perish from this earth.
  7. This is what should have happened to thet cretin up in Scotland a long time before he killed that child.
    She just snapped and went off shooting on spec, just the kind of thing that the Americans are regularly criticised for doing on this very site
    . As an airgunner I have no real sympathy at all because this sort of thing only serves to strengthen the prohibitionists.
  8. What has been almost totally missing in the debate on the TV & on here is why the scrotes who had been terrorising her (which this pair may or may not have been) had gotten away with it for so long! If she is genuinely a Sp.Ed. teacher, she will have the patience of the Gods - so it must have been pretty serious for her to snap.

    What has the state of law and order got to in the UK?

    PREDICTION: Over the next 10 years, if nothing changes, more & more ordinary and otherwise law-abiding people will acquire lookalike airguns / real illegal handguns for personal protection, and more & more of this will happen, and more & more scrotes who should be in school/borstal/HMP will get injured/killed. And whose fault will it be? The government's. Those wise old sages [ahem] who took away our right to personal protection, and replaced it with a collective idea (for it is but an idea) that "the police will protect you". </rant>
  9. Now, if she'd taken my advice on an earlier thread and bought herself a balclava..........
  10. My advice Biscuits, my advice.
  11. Yeah OK,but I did explain how it could be used to great effect.
  12. Biscuits... the font of all guerila warfare type knowledge! :D

    I have to agree with stoatman on this. If she is a special needs teacher, she must have the patience of angels, and therefore it must have been exceptional harrasment that she and her family underwent. Therefore, it leads me to ask, what were the police doing to stop them from making her life a living hell?

    Granted, she got the majority of her sentence for possessing a dangerous weapon with intent to injure, but still, im sure the judge could have used some leniency in light of the circumstances.

    Who thinks this will be used as another argument for banning airguns?

  13. She got six months inside for firing the pellets into the ground by her feet in frustration as she was face to face with the sneering little shite. We are not talking the Washington Sniper here. Just goes to show that the world really has turned upside down.
  14. BB pellets?

    If she'd thrown stones at them she could have hurt them a good deal more but she wouldn't have been jailed for a 'firearms' offence.

    There's something wrong with the way that objects are imbued with greater 'power' than they actually possess, simply because they resemble a more lethal artifact...

    Now, if she'd been on target with some .45 ACP 230gr ball, starting at 820fps, there might have been a case to answer...

    ...But then I'd have to aquit her on the grounds that de-chaving the neighbourhood ranks as performing a public service in my book! :lol:
  15. I agree with most people so far. What she did was wrong and she was jailed for firearms offences etc. All of which is okay - on the face of things.

    But as mentioned by others, where were the police previously? Her shed had been burgled, one of her sons bullied and the other sons car vandalised. That contradicts Manchester Polices statement that there was 'no evidence of youth disorder' etc.

    Add to that the fact that all the neighbours who spoke to TV stations expressed sympathy towards the convicted woman and said 'it; had been going on too long already. Whatever 'it' is (not youth disorder, if the Police are to be believed!!), it is not being even acknowledged by plod, much less dealt with. And there in lies the problem for all of us.

    I am a law abiding citizen who supports the Police, but what I see contradicts what the police says. And when that starts happening, the breakdown of law and order (which we do already have), begins to accelerate. If you don't catch it, then you have REAL problems. I am remembering something a public figure said a while back. How did it go?..... 'Tough on crime tough on the cause' or something? Now, who was it who said that?