Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by anybar, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. So there I was drifting around Aldershot and I saw a sign,We ARE NOW OPEN.

    Oh well! I thought, some other group of poofters have taken over the hallowed ground and will try some new way of twisting money out of us.

    Anyway I strolled in to shouts of "You shut your F'ing mouth you F'ing whore our I will punch your lights out" or words to that effect.

    "Yea you scumbag crook, thieving chancer you av never been no good. I could av the polis rand in no time and av you carted away".

    The chap in the para T shirt explained the situation by looking at me.

    And fair play to him the landlord leapt in an ejected a lady who had obviously caused the problem by;-

    1. Not wearing a Para T shirt
    2. Being pissed out of her skull

    So I, having a bit of experience of the pub trade, the paras, the army, drunken women. sober women, squaddies, Aldershot and any other shite you gentlemen throw at me. said nothing other than a pint of Steella an a large Jameasons.

    I am of course chatting about The Pegasus. So if you can't take a hiding, look away now.

    A llittle chat with the landlord revealed he is not ex-services, had been waiting for some time for his first pub and has little understanding of forces culture.

    Worse still he had never heard of ARRSE.

    They are a lovely couple named Richard and Gill and would appreciate our support. He is trying to restore the PEGASUS to its former glory, with pictures of the airborne division dominating the walls, and if you fancy joini
    ng in by giving them them a photo of yourself when your uniform used to fit please jgo for it.

    So gents , may I please request that anyone in the area whether a walt, genuine airborne, a basic squaddie like myself, drop in says ARRSE, mine's a double and good luck in your future career.
  2. Is it still in the original location, or have they just hijacked the name and set up in different premises?
  3. lad i work with used to 9 sqn RE & he told me the "peggy" had re-opened again.

    i asked if it had moved to where 16 AAB is but he said "no its still in the shot" :? :? :? :?
  4. Yep, still in originqal location, been open two weeks.
  5. There was always a pleasant atmosphere in the Peggy, a heady mix of fresh sweat, male pheromones and fat lasses.

    I witnessed one scrap there in years, a quick head butt between a couple of the lads and that was it.

    There are not many bars in the UK you could say that about. Admittedly there are not many bars in the UK that catered exclusively for airborne forces either.

    Is Tonies Chippy still open for all types of delicious hot snacks, cold drinks and salmonella?
  6. Thats because the fridges would have to be full of WKD blue and the johnny machines would have to be altered to dispence elastoplast.

    Why not fit a spitoon..... I bet there would be a high semen content in the saliva and gob :D
  7. It's not gay to have another man in your mouth, it is merely a crowd pleaser designed to get birds moist. :D

    I love the c0ck I do.
  8. No-one said it was old chap.....

    Only a chap truly in touch with his sexuality could take another length in his mouth and pleasure him to completion.

    Its a more hetero man that can have a length in his bottom absorbing its secretion then trumping into an oppos mouth, however
  9. I thought the Peggy had reopened as the "Europa" bar and now catered exclusively for the BFT wary troops now inhabiting the glorious 'shot.
    Am I now to believe that it has reincarnated itself back into a drinking den to celebrate all things airborne? If that is the case then we can resume having Airborne Forces day back in the 'shot.

    Note to pie eating senior officers - "Air Assault Day" doesn't have the same sort of ring or clientele for that matter. Oh, and all your wives look like horses.
  10. As Anybar said at the start of this thread, the bloke is trying to get it back to as it was tho he did say to me that he wasn't going to plaster it with AB pictures as it would scare the more gentile civvies away so he was going to start it off slowly, good luck to him I say, at least it's not another theme pub full of the local mongs of Aldershot after cheap ale.
  11. The Europa Bar shut down due to a joint owner running off with all the money, after a few weeks of closure it has indeed re-opened as The Peggy.

    Tonys fish bar has closed for good, leaving food poisoning to the discretion of the many kebab shops.

    Never again will we heard the words "you wanna fishadeechip?" only to be given something that looks and tastes like a 4 day old used sanitary towel.
  12. Take it you still live in Aldershot then as well MoodyBitch?
  13. What do you want you nosey cnut? My address?
  14. Ha Ha! Fair one, bet u drink in the Traf.
  15. Bet I dont, I drink in the train station underpass, whilst covered in my own pi ss and vomit