For Inspection Pegasus Hobbies - A6M2 Model 21 "Zero"

Current for the group build, the Pegasus Hobbies - A6M2 Model 21 "Zero" aka,the £5 challenge :)

Aug 20, 2017

Ok, since the '109 canopy's are doing my head in... time for a break and start something else, the £5 challenge :)

So, for a fiver I picked up this:

The contents:

Rather back to the 60/70's, wheels & undercarriage struts moulded as one, ditto for the props... and a very, very low part count.

Work started on the cockpit etc

Aug 29, 2017

First coatish on the zero, colours supposed to be hemp, whatever shade that's supposed to be .... might need to add a bit more green to the mix

Arh well, cocked up the there's a surprise, so once more out with the airbrush for a change of colour:

Now a spiffing shade of green, sharp-eyed people might recognise the colour as RLM02, closest I had, so bugger it :)


Topside after pre-shading with black followed by a steel mix, aiming (badly) for a worn effect

Looking from the arse end

Side on

Leave it dry for a while....about a year or so, then onto the markings and odds n sods :)
Update, markings done and a flat coat applied

Long view including the cockpit

Sideish view

Markings are part kit & part Airfix from the '109, they provided the roundels
Calling the £5 special done....before I over do it and stuff it up, makes a change to make something OOTB

side view

Head on


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