Peer leads inquiry on Gulf war syndrome

From my choice of daily - the Telegraph:

Peer leads inquiry on Gulf war syndrome
(Filed: 14/06/2004)

An independent inquiry into Gulf war syndrome under a former law lord will be announced today by the parliamentary adviser for the Royal British Legion.

Lord Morris of Manchester said he had asked Lord Lloyd of Berwick, who is Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales, to set up the inquiry after the Government persistently resisted any such hearing.

The Royal British Legion had been calling for an inquiry since 1997, he said. But the Government insisted it would not help the many thousands of Gulf war veterans suffering from a range of conditions collectively described as the syndrome.

"There are 2,585 veterans - many now terminally ill - already in receipt of war pensions, and over 5,000 reporting a wide range of undiagnosed illnesses," Lord Morris said yesterday. "There is clearly a major problem to be addressed."

Lord Lloyd said: "My intention is to open the inquiry as soon as possible, and to hold hearings in public."


Good job the RBL.
Thank God for the Lords.
This is such good news for thousands of Gulf veterans..and in fact for ALL servicemen and women. The Government mustn't be allowed to disregard the illnesses of thousands of damaged soldiers.
This is a good day.

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