Peeping Tom at 21

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tubbs, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Driving to work this morning on camp there was man hiding behind a tree watching people driving by, he looked very much like the boss, did anyone else see this freak and does anyone know who he is?
  2. The RP staff checking seatbelts/tax disks/etc.
  3. Don't worry he is going soon.
  4. Tubbs do you live in a void? I am not even at 21 and I know what day and time your CO does RHQ PT and what time your supposed to start work during a compressed week. Hope when you drove past him it was before 0755, it takes you at least 5 minutes to get to where you work.... 8O Not to mention ensuring that your boys are on time....
  5. Maybe its resettlement for his forthcoming Job as a traffic warden, what a chopper he is, I wonder if his village know hes Difi?
  6. What about the Girls???
  7. Do you have girls in your bit of the Regiment? Out of interest have you had the bollocks to front up to the big man and tell him your thoughts? Smells to me of a very poor recent report....
  8. Last report was gleaming I'll get my tape if it kills me and remember Bullies never prosper, sadly they are in charge in this place.
  9. Ah....that tells a tale of a young man hard done by. You poor wee sausage.
  10. Odd that Tubbs Signallers reports aren't due for a while yet!! 8O
  11. Bowman seems to have hit the proverbial on the head :D
  12. Tubbs,

    at best your comments on here are unprofessional. At worse they show an underlying inability to function as a Junior Commander. Lets think for a moment that you are the "dumb" Signaller you would like everyone to believe that you are (your comments would definately suggest that your not ...) , do you think that undermining your chain of command is the correct way to get promoted? 8O

    No I didn't think so. You seem to be making a serious allegation in one of your comments, have you addressed your grievance with your EO officer? Have you made a complaint up the chain of command? Thought not. Maybe this is because its much easier to make these allegations in this faceless way as opposed to having some moral courage and acting in the correct fashion.

    My own belief is that yesterday you were caught coming in to work late, you haven't got the morale courage to simply accept the punishment (if any...) and are rightly a tad embarrassed at your own unprofessionalism and for some reason thought that you might make light of it on here and blame your boss for enforcing a fairly simple rule that 99.9% of the Army understand...

    Well to be honest you just look a cnut.... :evil:
  13. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Poor show, Tubbs!
  14. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Looks like you have been rumbled tubbs. :wink: