Peeling feet and blisters

Iv recently started training for the army and have been alternating between a 3 mile run and interval training each day.
However my feet are now peeling and im getting blisters, any tips or methods on how to prevent this or stop it happening.
Or will my feet just gradually grow used to this training and the peeling and blisters will eventually dissapear?


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It's probably a combination of things.

1. You have some sort of foot infection - either viral or fungal - yes, mushrooms are trying to grow between your toes. Go to the doctor tomorrow and get it sorted.

2. You are probably doing too much too soon - do less distance - say 2km but do it every day and up it by a km every two weeks - you should be able to run 10km a day in pt gear with about as much difficulty as going to the pub.

3. You probably have badly fitting footwear - I would say boots but these days the little lambs probably don't run in boots - you will tab in boots so make very sure you get a pair that you can use without blisters because otherwise you are going to shit bricks.

4. Blisters - prevention is better than cure because there isn't a cure just degrees of pain - so start off by using double pairs of socks - especially with new boots - tennis socks that can absorb sweat used to be good so you don't get lots of friction- stay away from nylon - use wool or cotton blends - if that doesn't work get a BIG roll of medical adhesive tape - the really sticky one and tape your feet up. If you get blisters then drain them and inject something like tincture of methiolate into the cavity - try not to scream too much as it upsets your mates.
Your not in the Army yet so DONT run in boots at all, once in you will get to build up correctly by your PTI staff.

This sounds more than likely about a footwear issue so make sure you have a good set of running shoes and socks. Walk in them to start with to set them in then start training in them a few weeks later.

Speak to your GP for advice on your feet to start with and dont try DIY methods or you can cause problems and infections.


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Will there be yoga and deep breathing relaxation techniques as well?
Your not in the Army yet so DONT run in boots at all, once in you will get to build up correctly by your PTI staff.
You're going to get painful feet at some point, whether its now or during basic but surely its better crying into your own pillow at home before you join up than into your PVC issued military mattress surrounded by 99 other recruits each vying for alpha male status!?

Running in boots is all about conditioning your feet. I would suggest you DO do some training in boots now, but make sure they fit properly (usually a size bigger than shoes or trainers and sufficient room in the toes to avoid boot-bang where your toes keep hitting the end of your boot) and you tape up with zinc oxide tape before each run. Tape your pressure points (ie where you get your blisters) usually on the heel and toes. Dont over do your training and let your feet repair before you give them another beasting.

As Schaden said there may be some underlying issue such as athlete's foot or similar which may be worth getting checked out if it persists.

Just my opinion, dont mean to contradict or insult anybody.
No, but we'd rather keep young soldiers rather than cripple them and loose them.
I dont wear boots, i bought a pair of running trainers but if im honest i never set them in.
Could this be the cause of the peeling?
Who knows, my feet go through a yearly cycle and do what can only be called shedding, nearly all the skin on my feet peels off, not in a painful way, but as perhaps a way of re-juvenating the skin, over a short time my skin hardens again and im back to leather feet. perhaps something similar is happening to you? If in doubt (especially if it is painful) see your doctor.

Note the previous advice on blisters, you need to get your feet used to the trainers you're using, and the trainers broken in. In the meantime use zinc oxide tape.
Nope, its not painful just annoying and its happened before in the past so you may be right. Im just going to regulary use talc power in my socks and if the peeling is still there in a week ill speak to my doctor.
I dont wear boots, i bought a pair of running trainers but if im honest i never set them in.
Could this be the cause of the peeling?
Yes definately, you need to bed them in good first, as an Ex Army Runner it is extremely vital you dont buy a new pair then run straight away in them, so as said walk in the house with them on a few days for short periods of time and also then increase outdoors. Make sure their proper running shoes and not tennis/trendy crap.

Arrse onist Im going on the fact Ive had lots of potential soldiers who have knackered themselves up/injured them selves by wearing boots/carrying weight prior to Basic training which can cause massive issues by wearingboots to get used to them. The standard of these boots have been pretty appalling (even saw a lad using hiking boots and another with steelie work boots) so my answer is dont wear them as you cant use them worn in boots in training.

If I was the Op I would use sandals the next week where possible to let you feet dry out and harden a bit around the house, get a decent pair of running shoes bedded in then start your training wearing good running socks. A bit of swimming, biking wouldnt go amiss in the mean time.

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