Peeler who shot dead a robber in East Belfast not to be charged

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by killaloe_holiday, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. At last a bit of common sense. The Peeler who shot dead a robber in a filling station on the Albertbridge Road is not to be charged. Hope he gets the QPM and this story proves as a reminder to wee scrotes that they may be unlucky if they try something similar and another customer has a PPW.

    UTV News - No charges over petrol station shooting
  2. HHH

    HHH LE

    He's not in the clear yet as the Police Ombudsman, is still investigating the case.
  3. Good effort - one more out the way, plenty to go thought.
  4. The Police Ombudsman has problems of it's own, after wee Sam's revelations and subsequent resignation.

    Why can't we have someone to be a proper arbiter, call it a "good shoot" and let that be an end to it?
  5. Good!

    Fvck the Ombudsman!

    Cue hordes of squealing 'bunny lovers', 'tree huggers', 'brain addled idealists', covert communists, and an assortment of 'Limp/Dims!

    Well done 'copper' - well done Sir!
  6. The Ombudsman is generally more dangerous to the average plod than you think,a young cop I know did the right thing,was praised in court,yet the Ombudsman spent 2yrs investigating him before clearing him.It almost drove him to think the unthinkable.
    The Ombudsman has not shown the office to be impartial especially in relation to matters relating to the R.U.C.
  7. While I fell sorry for the chap you mention CM, it's as much to do with one's own state of mind as the Ombudsman. My mate has been "up before the beak" 4 times, and he never lost a wink of sleep.

    I agree, though, with your point on the questionable impartiality.
  8. That is the problem,the barstewarts play mind games hoping no doubt to scare you into saying/ doing something they can hang you out for. Mrs.thingy o has a lot to answer for.
  9. Mate, that's not unique to the Police Ombudsman. The Northern Ireland Civil Service Dept. of Psychological Warfare (or Personnel Branch, as they call themselves) do exactly the same thing to people who've had a lot of sick leave - innuendo and doubletalk are the order of the day there too.

    When dealing with fuckers like this, you must be sure of your facts, stand your ground and don't be browbeaten. Be prepared to answer the same question, framed differently, over and over. Don't frame your answer differently, though! My mate told me the thing to do with the Ombudsman is "keep it simple, don't get confused and don't embellish it"

    Worked out fine for him.
  10. I know exactly what you mean about Inhuman Recourses,it also applies to the Hysterical old tricks mob
  11. Congrats to the gentleman he's earned his Friday pint the joke is that whatever taxpayer money would have been saved by him shooting the scumbag will be wasted in all these nonsense reviews and investigations where as if he had let the **** cut the poor workers throat and then non-fatally arrested him he'd problemly get a smily face on his permanent record.
  12. To true,however he did a bloody good job!
  13. Would it be fair to ask for some comments from the first and second minister?
  14. Well Marty would probably say, he shouldn't have shot him as he shouldn't have been armed off duty and Peter the punt, would probably repeat his words as he seems stuck up his ass.
  15. "Marty" may well take such a view. (although he has been unusually silent on this subject). However it should be noted that the traditional oath of the Constable does not permit him/her to ignore a crime in commission when "off duty". In this case the constable was armed because of the threat posed by "Marty's" erstwhile friends. The conditions of his Oath and the fact that he had the means (his pistol ) to contain the action of the lawbreaker left him with little option. He followed the drills (confirmed by video recordings) and has been exonerated from blame by the CPS.
    The Ombudsman may wish to take a different (political) view but as it - the Ombudsman - has been badly tainted of late and has little respect from the general public its opinion is in truth of little value in advancing anything to the common good. In the mood of the day any pressure on the CPS by the Ombudsman to prosecute would probably lead to the Ombudsman imploding - as it seems to be in any case.
    Neither "Peter" nor "Marty" are in a position to use this for political purposes as the upcoming inquest and the expected ruling of the Ombudsman leave this technically sub-judice.