Peeking into the showers helps to "alleviate the pains”

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 7, 2006.

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    It is not something unusual. Look at similar story (it was originally posted on NAAFI bar)

    However the pilot was punished severely

  2. certainly would not like to "peek" into the showers when most army chicks are in there ( i shudder just thinking about that scenario) :lol: :lol:
  3. You must have alot of time of your hands KGBR to keep digging out stories relating to Israel, can I have your job?! lol

    As you can see that is old news, since then there was another 'sordid' incident which led to IAF pilots bringing the IAF in bad light - rather these stories then tales of 'atrocities', etc, hey?
  4. .... to allow General Stern a better view ?
  5. Hi Arik!

    First of you yourself propose me to read Yediot Ahronot (you said that it is better than Haaretz). So today during coffee break I had a look on it and founded (on the surface) this story,7340,L-3237266,00.html

    I thought that our friends there would be entertained and I placed the story on NAAFI bar. But... the post was (almost immediately) replaced on another (very obscure) location. So i decided to explore this phenomenon. So I placed here a similar story (the link to it is in the first article).

    We all know that IDF is one of the best armies in the World (the British one is the first of course). So I'm sure that these almost innocent stories can't damage the image of Israeli armed forces.

    As for 'atrocities' then as we know IDF doesn't commit atrocities. What are current developments?

    ...soldiers opened fire when the children attempted to vandalize the separation fence next to Qalandiyah. The 13-year-old boy, Mohammad Zaid, was killed by soldiers...

    Nothing special.
  6. I dont know anything at the moment about the Kalandiya incident, there are incidents nearly every day - hard to keep up, it is unfortunately part of daily living in the region!!
    These IAF stories do make for humorous reading and this is the 4th IAF story that I know of with sexual connotations in a very short time, it does raise a smile.

    Any news of getting a job in your place? :lol:
  7. Eject a pilot? A Martin-Baker kick up the arrse? Very bad for the spine. Surely a cruel and unusual punishment.

    Aware of the visual appeal of IDF ladies, a fact frequently commented on on ARRSE, I'm not surprised the men are sneaking a peek. I would.
  8. Considering the pics of Israeli Servicewomwen that have been posted elsewhwere on ARRSE, 25days seems a small price to pay...