Peed Off with my Unit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PEED_OFF, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys and girls,

    I am a fequent user of ARRSE, and some members of my unit know my real user name. I don't want you lot to think I am a winger etc I am just looking for advice I have been in for over 10 years and I feel I have lost my 'mojo'.

    I am getting more frustrated with my unit more each week! Due to having a numbty officer who is about as good as tits on a fish etc, as I am the troop SNCO as this officer does not listen to any advice either from me or anyone else. Just goes off half cocked on hair brain schemes. The Sqn
    OC knows what this officer is like and moved this office in to my troop as they had already demorilised one troop.
    I have come rather close on a couple of times to lamping the said officer on more than one occasion.

    I get no support from the unit on her or back up. As I am in an out station, there is not even a PSI.

    This is just some of the complaints I have.

    I am getting to the stage of handing my kit in! I know there are various choices for me.

    To either sack it completely, transfer to another unit, I am thinking of going down the instructor at an RTC or even the dreaded AI in the cadets as a last resort!

    Any advice?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Try 3) then 2)

  3. What kind of idiot officer doesn't listen to his SNCO's?? Fool!
  4. this officer is not by any cance someone who commisioned this year is it?
  5. You what you have to do! If you run away to the RTC or whatever else your leaving your blokes to suffer. Stand up to him, next time your in the field take him to one side and administer some Plt Sgt justice.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Why wait for the field? Grip him in his office.

  7. As a 'rupert' I feel I am entitled to state that 'Pl Comds should speak when spat at' until you have trust in them to make reasonable and well judged decisions.

    I'm sure as an 'experienced' SNCO you should be able to divert said Officers attention in directions which have less effect on the moral and decision making within the Platoon. It certainly worked for me ;)

    It the OC knows the said Officer is a muppet, then the SM must know as well. A word in the SM's shell should surely reap benefits in aiding you in this situation.

    It never feels great to have to work around someone, but often the benefits outweigh the potential damage a muppet can do.

    Don't be a coward and run! You will just drop the problem in someone else's lap and they will then have to discover the problems demoralising the Platoon even further. You'll come out of the experience a better and stronger SNCO...... just think of the damage that is possible when said officer becomes an OC!!!
  8. Gin, soory no.

    msr, I have done that the polite and not quite so polite route and nothing sinks in, it's like the lights are on but no one's in.

    I and others 0have tried on numerous occassions to let this oxygen thief know what I/we want doing and how we are going to do it, have tried and failed.

    How do you go about getting your troopy to either hand their kit in or get them sacked. This officer is in no state to hold a commission or even wear the uniform
  9. And I bet they can't pass their CFT either!

    Tried speaking to the Adjutant through the RSM?
  10. I can think of many an easy way to get an officer in serious poo, but they are extremely underhand and I couldn't possibly recommend them.

    Have you ever thought of Black and Nastying him to the ceiling in his office and leaving him there over night in order that he has time to reflect on his leadership and man management........ not that I am recommending you do this, but I did hear of a young troopy (TCN for anyone who knows him) who was black and nastied at an Officers to Seniors function in Gutersloh a few years back to attempt to teach him some humility.
  11. I would not recommend doing either of these. Have you spoken to your OC about it up front about the matter, or do you just get the feeling that he/she knows the situation?

    Request an interview, and write down a few points that you would like to go through with him/her beforehand. Stress the morale issue, both yours and your soldiers', and come up with some suggestions. Hand a copy of this to the OC, and that will direct attention to the issues that you are trying to raise. Doing it this way will formally raise the issue without jumping outside the chain of command.
  12. Good point Green. If you do take your complaint higher make sure you have a list of the things that make him a tool, with examples and also a list of ways which they could be overcome, short of killing the bloke. If you just rock up and winge at the OC he's going to think either
    a) you're a chopper who doesn't like work,
    b) you just don't like the bloke or
    c) you can't do the job that you have and your just makeing excuses.

    Show then whats wrong and some recomendations and they'll see it all differently. But hay, you're the SNCO shouldn't you know this sh1t already?
  13. There's a vacancy for you at:

    brucewillis has made the point that you shouldn't leave your blokes to suffer and he's absolutely correct. So bring them as well. (Leave the officer in question, though).

    All's fair in love and recruiting.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    get him/her/it promoted and posted away!
  15. Agree with Green and b_l_h_a.

    You need also to consider that said individual was moved to your platoon/troop as they thought that you were capable of improving and developing this young officer. To go whinging up the CoC may damage their opinion of you. If you approach the CoC it needs to be over something you have had no control over and serious enough to be considered for more than a SNCO to troopy bollocking.