Pedos released on license

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MikeMcc, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. Heard Jonathon King on the radio being released from prision after serving less than half of his sentance. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that you were only released if you admitted to the crimes and showed contrition. So why was the scumbag ranting that he was innocent and it was all a mis-carriage of justice?
  2. He's not been to any rehabillitation either...
  3. In Florida we are in a debate on how to handle pedos. This is the result of a pedo out on probation able to move without registering his new address with athorities, as he was supposed to. He then abducted, molested and killed a 9 year old girl burying her body in his back yard only a few hundred feet from the home he abducted her from.

    Currently Florida requires the pedo to register with LE when they move, failure to do so can violate their probation. Problem is if the pedo doesn't register he can disappear from LE view and commit further pedo offences. As was the case here. By definition a pedo is a criminal and criminals don't abid by the law.

    My resolution is to castrate and amputate their limbs with a rusty butter knife on first offence and cut their head off with a rusty butter knife on second offence. Although this resolution is quite popular the push is to employ GPS tracking, and community notification.

  5. I'd modify that slightly, by going for the head first time round. Field trials have shown this reduces re-offending rates.
  6. Yes but my resolution was tailored to the fuzzy pinko crowd that believes a pedo can be rehabilitated 8O Lacking appendages, hampton and ball bag they may be rehabilitated, but if they reoffend then we off them. :D
  7. This is going to get heated , so all aboard............
  8. Anyman / woman who preys on a child in anyway shape or form should be put to death in the most public and painful manner.

    No excuse, they are filth.

    I know my little one is probably gonna hate me when I'm older for being the 'over protective' dad......... just too much of this sh1t happening and too little being done.

    Each town should have thier own system for dealing with pests & peados when they are outed.
  9. I'm all in favour of the lynch mob for the first offence (like whiffler said, it keeps the repeat offences down), but after at least one case in which a paediatrician (something *very* different) got targetted, I have to admit to a few doubts.

    What got me wasn't that he got released after serving a laughable fraction of the was that he didn't seem to regard prison as that bad. Now either the record industry lifestyle is hellish, or prison regimes need toughening up...
  10. You know reading jonathon kings comments and seeing the reports about that 10yr who was raped in her own bed by an intruder while her parents slept next door really makes me sick a slow painful death is far to easy for them.
    Whenever I hear stories like these I often think of a comment made by a D-day veteran.
  11. they shud b branded and then droped into the exercise yard of some max security prison, imates can be let out all at the sametime, bets can be taken on which psycho kills the fccuking pedo, all moneys raised from the betts goes towards any kids hurt by the sick cnut that we all just watched die!
  12. trouble is, if we tried that in this country it would cost billions in disability payments and of course they would sue shops who didnt cater for their disabilities.

    kill the fuckers, ill do it and wont even want paying or use of a mask!!
  13. OK I've watched enough episodes of Law & Order to know that Pedos can not be cured only"controlled". Although I sympathise with my fellow arrse bretheren I also recognise that topping them may not yet be an option.

    But if it is recognised that their natural urge to interfere with kids overwhelms any decency or common-sense then what is wrong with removing that urge. A little castration and if necessary a little lobotomy could go a long way. Rather than experiment with our kids to see if Pedos can control themselves lets shift the focus entirely to the Pedo and force them under control. Get the kids out of the equation entirely.
  14. the only thing is birdy, these people are parasites and should be treated as such, as i stated earlier, any attempt to harm them in any way would see a hefty claim being made and in this crazy country we would pick up the bill.
    in this day and age we can prove 99.9% if someone is guilty or not, lets put this brilliant science to use and kill them all!
    i have a small daughter and would like to take her to see santa without having the thoughts of santa being a kiddy fiddler.
  15. Death by red hot poker up the hoop. No, brought back to the land of the living just before aforementioned death, then given some more poker action. Then they have their eyes gouged out with rusty racing spoon then kicked to fcuk and killed again. Maybe this is too good for the feckers!
    evil cnuts.