Pedo pay day coming with lie detectors

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pdq_bar, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Is it me or do other people see this whole lie detector thing as method of pedos and the like to sue for compensation and end up richer than the average bod.

    It seems to basically fail the test all you have to do it pucker your sphinter ( its a counter measure appartently) and you are branded deceptive. Where is the evidence would it stand up in court ?
    what happens if a person is rejailed as a result of trying to keep in last nights chicken ticka.

    Ms Blair and her ilk must be loving this just waiting for the compensation money to role in

    How to beat a lie detector test and how they work

    Even if you fail the test but refuse to admit you had in fact done anything wrong what are they going to do, they have no evidence or admissions.

    Its just bloody crazy
  2. What a stupid idea. The government loves strong policies on sex offenders because nobody will speak out against them for fear of being branded a pedo.

    Unfortunately for them, this attempt to make up for shortcomings in other areas has been seen through already.

    As a related point, I don't understand the thinking behind this. If someone needs constant monitoring and lie detector tests, surely they should be in prison. If they don't belong in prison then surely they're no threat to society and should be left to go about their business with the same rights as everyone else?
  3. If lie detectors were reliable (and I don't believe they are) why aren't they used for other offences?

    I believe this proposal is a sticking plaster, designed to look like a robust response to the 'we don't know where the paedophiles are' problem.
  4. Oh, if only it was that simple.
  5. I know a few blokes in the Met, who are taking resettlement training in America to become Lie Detector consultants.
  6. They told you that and you believed them? ;)
  7. What the MET are going to rely on intimidating suspects, lying to them and trying to gain condeming admissions of guilt during an interrogation with out a legal respresentation being available.

    Surely not lol
  8. Quite!

    What's worse, sociopaths don't tend to have problems "passing" lie detector tests, so this proposal might well have the unintended consequence of enabling the worst sort of paedophiles to obtain release!

    Brilliant, eh?!
  9. Do they have the Paedofinder-General out of 'Monkey Dust' acting as a Home Office advisor now?!?
  10. I run kiddie events, pedos stand out a mile, they get fcuked of in double quick time, the shows we do are run by three ex forces guys, me included. we dont suffer pedos, and by **** do we get them turning up at the gate, we arn't the most P.C guys you'd ever meet but we dont live in the blair bubble. i imagine that sometime soon one of us will be done with our sensible attitude towards life and pedo's. if anyone can explain to me what is wrong with harming someone to the point of permanant deformaty, (sorry tried to kill the cnut) who tried to interfear with young people I'm all ears. and we all talk la la
  11. I still say reintroduce death penalty for certain crimes and limit the endless appeals process on minor technicalities like "The third juror from the left wore different coloured socks on day five of the trial so it is all invalid and my client is innocent of being found sack deep in a six year old your Honour." It might not deter criminals from committing crimes but it definitely reduces the reoffending rate by the individual concerned.

    I am sure there would be enough volunteers willing to pay to flick switch etc that the "gummint" can make a nice bit of dosh on the side...
  12. If you really believe that, you are in serious trouble. What makes you think you can mark out a paedophile (and by the way I know how to spell it) just because your own radar tells you? Will that help the local plod convict them?
  13. I say attack the problem at it's source; surgically remove the end of their n0b.

    Simple but effective.
  14. Just the end, emasculate them completely, let them squat to pish..........

    Mind you is this idea not a little close to the idea of Sharia Law.

    UK Law and Sharia punishments I say..............

    OOps wrong thread but relevant none the less............
  15. Course I do it's my brother FFS