Pedo Mum

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. I have,I would,I will do again,,,,But not with her.....
  2. Plausible deniability.Good girl.
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  3. I would.
  4. No - Where's the magic in shagging a fat older woman? No embarrassing fumbles undoing a bra strap, the look of pain on the girls face as you try the wrong hole and the need for tissues that you've not got. Not to mention dropping your skateboard mid way and watch it roll out of the bus shelter into the traffic.

    Inexperienced clumsy sex is the best!
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  5. Where the fuck were women like that when I was 13? I'd have smashed my own parents' car up to have an ugly 40 year old play with my tummy banana at that age. And now, probably.
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  6. What else did you do yesterday?
  7. Not only are the youth of today out of control and illiterate, they're clearly fucking homos too.

    Yes she's rats but at 13/14 you'd fuck anything that moved, surely? - i know i would.
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  8. Every rough arse housing estate should have the scutter that puts out to any sprog with a whisp of a moustache that shows an interest, it's part of the rich tapestry of life on sink estates, traditional even.

    When you finally get round to scoring with actual girls you fancy you don't want to be leaking gouts of white love wee wee before she even gets her hand in your pants.

    Train hard on the munters, fight easy with the fit birds.
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  9. Grassing little bastards.
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  10. Clearly a dirty bitch , but a bit slack on finding willing 13/14 yr olds willing to bang her till their cocks drop off. It really isn't that difficult, I'd have smashed her every which way, still would, she's proper DUUUURRRRRTTTYYYY, and a right danger fuck now being on the "Register"!
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  11. Your mum
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  12. Necrophillia as well? Want the address of a good shrink?
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  13. But the oldest teenager said he stopped after five minutes because it was "DISGUSTING "
    Perhaps it was the SMELL that put him off, after all the stench of Rotting fish can be a bit off putting you know!