Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by milkmclane, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. havent heard or seen anything for a while, wondered if anybody had any info on whether its still to go ahead?

    jus to let you know im planning on joining up in the near future and my decision would be a lot more definite if pecoc was going ahead, as ive heard bad things about some of the kit you guys get issued.
  2. Pecoc? Aren't they birds with big feathers?
  3. sorry its a program to develop better kit for the infantry, eg better body armour, sights and stuff if you google it theres a bbc video showcasing some of it.
  4. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  5. way i see it its not a wah, cos i just want to know if its still going ahead, i never said i didnt know what it was!
  6. Don't believe all you read in the papers! I walked round a display of kit for soldiers on ops recently and was very surprised at the quality available. And I'm glad that my budget isn't paying for the black bag of kit!

    If you want to join, and you have the ability, get on with it. By the time you are trained, the kit will be even better. And, even if it isn't any better, how on earth will you be able to tell the difference?

    Get yer arrse down to the ACIO!

  7. WAAAHHHHH!!! :thumright:
  8. i know kit has improved massively and i know the papers always make things out to be a lot worse than they are, plus im 90% sure i wanna join up, i just got to get enough money for laser eye surgery(i know you have to wait a year) it would turn a 90% into a 99% if i knew the government was prepared to put money into the best kit, as if i did join id be risking my life.
  9. LOL

    Im afraid that as a squaddie you will be pissed on by the government at every opportunity.

    That said, there are people i know who would have not given up their army years for anything.
  10. yeah i see where your comin from, im studying british history and we definately have a habit of not supplying our soldiers with the right kit
    eg the crimean war

    bu seriously ive heard that a lot about the army( the best years of your life thing) and thats one of the reasons i want to join, another is the decision not to waste my life doing a job id hate sitting behind a desk, i dont plan on staying in the army longer than 6 years but i got college 2 think about first
  11. If you are basing your decision to join on PECOC then may I suggest you think about another career? Not because it wont be implemented but the fact that it will not make the job a whole lot safer.

    You don't turn into The Terminator with a bit of Gucci kit.
  12. Its the fact that we used to give our soldiers the best training out there that keeps you alive, good kit just makes you more efficient.

    Its your trg that keeps you and your muckas alive
  13. Here - cheekychops

    Follow the link

    There is a whole thread on it. A couple of things for you:

    - Don't believe everything you hear about military kit.
    - If you are going to college, you are years off joining - not soon. Things change.
    - Why are you looking at laser eye treatment? Do you know the restrictions within the Army for it?
    - If you think some tweaked armour and new clothing is a stopper for you, think harder.